Camila Silva




Camila Silva, Master in Urban and Regional Planning (IMUB)

Why did you choose to study at the University of South Australia (UniSA)?

“I chose UniSA because I like to be able to combine my Under-degree of Civil Engineering with something that has to do with construction but in a different way, not just tall buildings, highways and bridges.

I researched on the internet about the different Urban Planning programs from different Australian universities, and UniSA was the one I liked the most.

I have always been interested in Architecture, but my real love was Civil Engineering since the age of 4, so to be able to be an Engineer with a bigger picture on Urban Planning and Urban Development would make me better in both areas.”

What are the benefits of UniSA and their teaching staff?

“What I enjoy most about UniSA is the flexibility of being able to choose from different elective courses that have different approaches to the program and adds to what you are focused on.

The teaching staff are great, most are very well renowned in their field and they make lectures interesting by also inviting other people to give lectures so we as students have another perspective on how to approach and solve issues. Most of the professors are very flexible and have an “open door” when it comes to enquiries form the students in case we need it.

I had the chance to take the Planning Study Visit during the study period 5/2013 to Penang which gave me the opportunity to learn other ways of thinking and approaches to the same problem and solve it in a cross cultural environment with the pressure of doing it in just 2 weeks. If you want to study this program, I recommend you to choose that course as an elective and give yourself the opportunity to be challenged and grow as Urban Planner.

The Learning and Teaching Unit, not only gives you advice on how to write an essay, or your resume, but also they have counselling, so if you feel home-sick or are not sure if the degree you chose is the one you really want, you can always make an appointment and seek help. They are very professional and will help you.”

What is your advice to others?

“My advice is that UniSA is a good university and the staff are helpful. Especially in my program, most of the staff have worked in different countries so they know about international students and working in cross cultural groups within class.”

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