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2015 Midyear Entry

For midyear 2015 entry, existing University of South Australia Bonus Schemes will still apply:

There are two types of bonus points students can be eligible for with UniSA: Achievement and Aspire.

Bonus points are added to your university aggregate and your ATAR is recalculated. Your recalculated ATAR will not appear on your Year 12 certificate and you will need to contact our Future Student Enquiries team to find out your ATAR when being considered for programs at UniSA.

Achievement bonus points A maximum of 5 Achievement bonus points are automatically awarded if students score a C- or better in Year 12 Tertiary Admission Subjects (TAS) relevant to their intended UniSA program. For example, the points you receive when applying to the Bachelor of Pharmacy would be different to the points awarded for the Bachelor of Commerce.

Find out here which year 12 subjects qualify for bonus points for various UniSA programs.

Achievement points will be automatically added to your university aggregate when you apply to the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) for UniSA programs.

Aspire bonus points 5 points are automatically awarded to students who attend a school recognised by UniSA as under represented at university or to students from rural and remote areas. Students that are on School Card (or state equivalent), Youth Allowance and/or Health Care Card or Low Income Health Care Card, who do not attend a recognised school, are also eligible to apply for five Aspire bonus points by downloading and completing an application form.

The total number of UniSA bonus points a student can receive is capped at 9.

Bonus Points Calculator

Bonus Points Calculator

Calculate your bonus points

Use this online calculator to find out how many bonus points you may be eligible for with UniSA.

Bonus Points for 2016 and beyond

The three South Australian universities are replacing all existing equity and subject bonus schemes with two new bonus schemes. The new schemes will come in to operation for students studying year 12 in 2015 who apply for entry to studies commencing in the 2016 university academic year.  

The two new schemes are the SA Universities Equity Scheme and The SA Language, Literacy and Mathematics Bonus Scheme.

The new schemes will be administered by SATAC based on rules provided by the universities.

The SA Universities Equity Scheme

The SA Universities Equity Scheme will provide bonuses in two ways; bonuses for all students in certain specified schools and bonuses for individuals in other schools. Eligible students will receive five bonus points in the calculation of their Selection Ranks.  

The SA Universities Equity Scheme will apply to all courses and programs offered by the universities.

The SA Language, Literacy and Mathematics Bonus Scheme.

The SA Language, Literacy and Mathematics Bonus Scheme encourages students to strengthen their preparation for university studies by undertaking a language other than English, or specified English and Mathematics subjects.

In this scheme, students will be awarded two points, up to a total maximum of four points, for successfully completing a subject in any of these four categories:

  • 20 credits of a LOTE in the Languages Learning area (not including the subject Language and Culture – two 10 credit Australian indigenous language subjects can be paired in lieu of a 20 credit LOTE)
  • 2END20 English Studies or 2ECS20 English Communications
  • 2MDS20 Mathematical Studies
  • 2MSC20 Specialist Mathematics

Successful completion is defined as gaining an Overall Grade of C- or better.  

To find out further information about the new bonus point schemes, view the fact sheet  provided by SATAC, alternatively contact the Future Student Enquiries team at UniSA for further details.

More information to get you started

  • Which subjects qualify?

    Which subjects qualify?

    Take a look at which year 12 subjects can earn you bonus points towards various UniSA programs.

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  • Apply for Aspire points

    Apply for Aspire points

    Apply for Aspire bonus points if you are eligible (see above) to give your Year 12 results an extra boost.

    Download application form

  • Apply to UniSA

    Apply to UniSA

    You need to apply through SATAC for most UniSA programs. Check dates and entry guidelines to get started.

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