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Allan Tabor
Director: Student and Academic Services
+618 8302 2244

If you are currently registered as an elite athlete or performing artist at UniSA and you need information, advice or support in relation to your study, please contact Louise Evershed, Student Adviser, or your Program Director. 

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  • How to apply

    How to apply

    Want to know if you are eligible for elite athlete or performing artist status? Find out how to start your application.

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  • What we offer

    What we offer

    Find out how we advocate for you and give you the flexibility you need to excel. Get specialised advice and guidance starting now and throughout your education.

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  • Student support services

    Student support services

    Discover the full range of services UniSA offers to support your studies and make uni life easier.

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    Become a UniSA student

    Start your journey now. Find out how to become a student at UniSA.

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