Outstanding staff achievements

2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Environmental and Geospatial Sciences Program Team: Dr Tom Raimondo - School of Natural & Built Environments (NBE); Associate Professor Delene Weber -  Information Technology Engineering & the Environment Divisional Office; Dr Justin Payne, Professor David Bruce and Ms Morgan Schebella - NBE

For transforming field-based teaching of environmental and geospatial science and the attainment of critical field skills through immersive digital visualisations

Ms Gabriella Bisetto - School of Art, Architecture and Design

For implementing a suite of learning experiences that enables students to graduate as successful glass artists with commensurate industry skills and professional knowledge

Dr Sally Plush - School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences

For sustained commitment to improve learning and self-confidence through peer learning strategies which support a scaffolded approach to deep scientific learning

UniSA HDR Supervisor Development Team:  Dr Cassandra Loeser and  Professor Alistair McCulloch - Teaching Innovation Unit

For a sustained and outstanding contribution to research degree supervisor development, and the development of a method for measuring the impact of supervisor professional development

2017 UniSA Teaching Awards

UniSA Award for Teaching Excellence

Mrs Anna Rogers– School of Education

For providing preservice student teachers with exemplary teaching and learning experiences in mathematics that help prepare them for successful careers in education

UniSA Indigenous Education Teaching Award

Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles - School of Management

For excellence in scholarship based on the development and delivery of curricula which showcases Indigenous values and knowledge and places Indigenous peoples at the centre of debate around fostering tourism in different regions

UniSA Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Digital Learning

Digital Literacy Team: Ms Jennifer Stokes, Miss Rebecca Godwin and Mr Cameron McTernan - UniSA College and School of Communication, International Studies and Languages

For leadership in digital learning through innovative course design which empowers students as digital citizens and producers

UniSA Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Dr Alpana Sivam - School of Art, Architecture and Design

For designing an authentic curriculum linking theory with planning practice that enables students to graduate with industry skills and professional knowledge 

Dr Don Clifton - School of Management

For teaching business ethics in an authentic and supportive environment that is engaging, practical and rewarding, gives positive student outcomes, and enhances UniSA’s reputation

Dr Emily Ward, Dr Margarita Tsiros and Dr Sophie Lefmann - School of Health Sciences

For development of physiotherapy graduates who provide paediatric care within the changing clinical landscape of the NDIS through development of a UniSA paediatric clinical service

Dr Gabrielle Todd - School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

For excellence in formative assessment of learning that demystifies neuroscience

Pharmacy Undergraduate Practical Teaching Team: Dr Kristen Bremmell, Dr Tim Barnes, Associate Professor Bernard Hughes and Dr Vijay Suppiah - School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

For development of program wide pharmaceutical compounding practicals using the scaffold learning approach to improve student learning outcomes



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