Smoke Free Campus

Smoke Free Campus

UniSA is proud to now be smoke free across all campuses, since 31 May 2014.

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, there is a range of services and support resources you can access.

For help with the different methods you can use to quit smoking, click here.

For information on the stages of quitting, click here.

Quit Support Services and Resources

  • Quit Smoking

    Benefits of Quitting

    Quitting smoking at any age will result in major and immediate health benefits and you will feel some of the benefits immediately, and others after a few weeks.

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  • Quit Support

    Quit Support

    Getting the right help and support can go a long way to ensure that you’re able to quit for good. Many free advice and support services exist to help smokers preparing to quit and recent quitters stay smoke free.

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  • Ways to Quit

    Ways to Quit

    However you decide to quit, your chances of success improve if you plan ahead. When choosing your quit date, make it a time when you are least likely to 'need' cigarettes.

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  • Coping with the withdrawal symptoms

    Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms

    For many people when the initial feeling of achievement wears off, it can start getting a bit harder, and sometimes really hard to stay on track with quitting smoking.

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