Cost of living

In Adelaide, you can do more with less. Its affordability means you have more to spend on food, accommodation, supplies, travel and entertainment.

Living costs can be affected by whether you live alone or share with others; whether you live in areas of high demand such as by the beach or in the city centre; and by your style of accommodation.

The following is a guide to what an average student can expect to pay before and after arriving in Australia, average basic weekly expenses and costs of some regularly purchased items. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Before arrival costs in Australian Dollars

First Study Period Tuition Fee As per offer letter
Student Visa
(The Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires that students have access to sufficient funds to cover travel,tuition and living costs).
As per Department of Immigration and Citizenship website
Overseas student health cover (student visa length) As per offer letter


After arrival costs in Australian Dollars

Textbooks and study materials (depending on program of study)        $500 - $1000
Bond for house/unit (refundable deposit) Four - six weeks' rent
Rent in advance One - two weeks' rent
Electricity/gas connection charge $19 - $37
Telephone connection charge $59 - $299
Household setup (linen, groceries, etc.) $200 - $500
Tuition fees As per offer letter


Basic weekly expenses in Australian Dollars

Rent (more expensive for inner city) $100 - $250*
Food (eating at home) $80 - $100
Bills (gas, electricity, etc) $20 - $30
Transport (at student concession rates) $15 - $20
Other (entertainment, clothes etc.) $35+
Telephone / postage $20 - $30
TOTAL YEARLY (52 WEEKS) EXPENSES $14,300 - $22,880

*More details on costs of accommodation options:


Item Costs in Australian Dollars

Bowl of noodles / fried rice  
$4.50 - $5.50
Loaf of bread $1.80 - $3.50
1 litre carton of milk $1.85
Bottle of water (600ml) $3.00
Cup of coffee $3.00 - $3.50
Big Mac $5.00
Cinema ticket (student rate) $10.50
Phone call (local) $0.50
Bus ticket (student rate) $1.30 - $2.40

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Life in Adelaide

  • Climate


    With seasons including comfortable temperatures in summer to refreshingly mild winters, Adelaide’s weather makes it a great place to live and enjoy.

    Four seasons info

  • Transport


    Adelaide is a quick and easy place to get around. You can reach almost any point of the metropolitan area within 20 minutes.

    Adelaide Metro services

  • Food and restaurants

    Food and restaurants

    With a great range of fresh food and cuisines on offer, why not dine at one of the many restaurants and eateries in Adelaide or cook up a storm at home.

    Culinary delights

  • Making friends

    Making friends

    A great way to make new friends and contacts is through studying at UniSA with opportunities to meet new people from different backgrounds, ages and countries.

    Meet new people

Areas of study and research

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