What is GE?

What is GE

Global Experience is a university-wide extra-curricular program,designed to enhance students' intercultural competence and global employability. Global Experience encourages students from all areas of study to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities to enhance your experience both at univerity and in your future career. You will have the opportunity to go on both short-term international study tours and longer overseas exchanges , participate in local and international conferences, network with industry specialists, volunteer for not for profit organisations in Australia and overseas, benefit from work placements and internships, meet high profile guest speakers, be part of a supportive community of like-minded students and staff, develop leadership skills, and build a portfolio of experiences which will enhance your UniSA degree.

It has four compulsory components, which must be completed before you graduate from your UniSA academic program, that combined add to a  total value of 120 points.

GE Orientation (5 points)

Orientation is undertaken at the commencement of Global Experience and will provide you with everything you need to know to make the most out of your Global Experience.

There was a lot of great stuff which I did not expect, such as panel presentations and an exhibition of volunteering opportunities. I also met awesome people and made friends with them (Global Experience student, 2014).

To view upcoming Global Experience Orientation sessions please visit Global Experience events

Global Experience Professional Development (10 points) 

The Global Experience Professional Development course is designed to develop your ability to network effectively with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds in your personal and professional life. It also aims to equip you to strategically manage your career beyond the borders of a single organisation. You will have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals through networking workshops, develop key essential intercultural communication skills and learn to manage your career across an international context.

This is an exciting course with flexible delivery arrangements, including 6 hours of self directed activities, where you can choose the activities you engage in as part of the course.

It is recommended you complete the course early in your Global Experience, as the skills developed here will assist you during your progression through the program, as well as in your academic studies. The course is designed to be taken as part of your standard enrolment within your current UniSA academic program as an elective.

You must have successfully completed 18 units at UniSA before you can take this course. This does not include credit from previous studies.

To view more information on the course please visit the course homepage

Experience Suite (100 points) 

The Experience Suite enables you to tailor Global Experience to reflect your personal goals and motivations for participation in the program, and includes international experiential activities that can be undertaken both within and outside of Australia.

The entire Experience Suite is available here.

MyAdvantage Development Experience (5 points)

This is the capstone to the program taken upon completion of all other components. This component will assist you in bringing all of your skills and experiences developed throughout Global Experience together and help you apply them to 'sell yourself' to employers. 

To view upcoming MyAdvantage Development Experience panel sessions please visit Global Experience events. 

At the completion of all components you will attend a Global Experience graduation, where you will be presented with a certificate of completion and a letter outlining the skills, experience and knowledge you have developed throughout your participation in the program. Completion of Global Experience will also be noted on your transcript.

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