Meet GE Alumni

Meet GE alumni

Jennifer McInnes  

Assistant in Midwifery, The Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide

Bachelor of Midwifery

I joined GE because it offered access to some amazing opportunities, and recognition for everything I'm already involved in.

So far, thanks to GE, I've attended the University Scholars' Leadership Symposium on Global Poverty and Development in Thailand; spent three weeks in the Philippines working on a marine conservation project - and had my first, mind-blowing dive encounter with a whale shark; worked with an amazing team to teach basic midwifery and emergency care to traditional birth attendants in Cambodia; had hours of joy, laughter and creativity working with refugee children in Adelaide, and attended fascinating workshops and seminars on global health, human rights, and international development - and I'm not finished yet!

Kelly Sullivan

Marketing Coordinator, ASC Training & Development, Adelaide

Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)

The Global Experience Program has been life changing, it presents opportunities, which if willing to take can be challenging and at times confronting, however extremely rewarding. It has the ability to change perspectives and inspire within.

Upon reflection of all the Experience Suite activities I have completed, I truly believe that is is a powerful self-development tool and my university experience would not have been fully complete without it.

Vernon Foo 

Bachelor of Management (Marketing) 

The Global Experience program, equips us with the valuable skills needed to go
anywhere we want in the world.  

With the world becoming ever challenging and now borderless, these skills have become even more precious. In addition, with the flexibility of making the course your very own, by being given a choice on what other activities each every unique individual can choose from, this is a course that places part of the responsibility in one’s hand making it a truly unique experience for every student.

If anything, I can definitely say that the more you put in to it, the more you gain out of it. For me, it’s what you make of it, just like everything in life, how you look at things and how you choose to tackle life every day.

Jessica Watts 

Bachelor of Health Science

My motivations for completing the Global Experience program was based on the fact that I
 want to stand out from the rest. Global Experience has allowed me to gain formal recognition of extracurricular activities I would have completed anyway.

The Global Experience program has successfully driven me to explore previously unknown areas and reach my full potential while studying an undergraduate degree. 

By attending the many events the GE program has to offer, I have been introduced to new horizons and therefore new career prospects which were not previously considered. Jessica has just completed an internship with UNESCO in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Jake Richardson

Senior Accountant, Tilbrook Rasheed, Adelaide

Bachelor of Commerce 

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at UniSA part time from 2007 to 2012. During that time I was working full-time in a few different jobs and have never really had the time to get involved with the university culture. That all changed in December 2011 when I received an email offering me the opportunity to apply for a study tour in Malaysia – a tour that introduced me to Skye and Tracey and got me involved in the GE program.

Malaysia was the perfect setting to learn the key messages of the GE program and to share the best experience of my Uni career with a bunch of total strangers whom I now count amongst my closest friends.

The GE Program not only sent me to Malaysia for the most important experience of my university program but it opened my eyes to the opportunities the world presents, in a way that is not theoretical but real.

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Morena Koh

Accountant, Ernst & Young, Adelaide

Bachelor of Commerce

Global Experience is a program that gives UniSA students a competitive edge as it encourages students to not just excel in their academic aspect of University but also externally. This program provides students with a mirage of opportunities to undergo-self-development first by having to step out of their comfort zone.

Global Experience has given me so many opportunities to stretch myself and to get exposed to the world beyond what I already knew. It has greatly really help to broaden my horizons, perspective in life and also taught me many invaluable life lessons.

Tabitha Ryan

Volunteer, Agape in Action Academy, Western Kenya

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies)

Joining GE was the best decision I made whilst at Uni!

I had always wanted to travel and experience the world and felt that being a student for 4 years would greatly limit my capacity to do this.  

However, after joining GE I was able to benefit from a travel grant to help fund volunteering in a remote Kenyan village, a study tour to Indonesia, trip to remote Indigenous community, gain recognition for previous volunteer work teaching in Cambodia and in an Aboriginal community and also benefit from lots of professional development through a variety of events and activities.

GE is such an awesome program and one that UniSA students are so privileged to be able to join at no cost. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to leave Uni with more than just a degree!

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