The following is a list of questions commonly asked by students who are considering joining Global Experience, or those who have already registered.

If you have a question which is not answered by the following, please contact the Global Experience team for more information.

About Global Experience

How is Global Experience going to benefit me?
Increasingly, employers report they are looking for the 'complete package' in graduates when they apply for a position. This includes an appropriate qualification, but also evidence of skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication, complimented by qualities such as flexibility and a willingness to get in there and learn. In addition, certain activities undertaken during a university career are also appealing to employers, such as studying a second language, internship or work experience. Nearly 70% of multinational employer from a  recent Employer Perceptions survey viewed overseas study experience as a definite positive on a graduate resume. Eighty-one percent of employers believed graduates who undertook an overseas experience return to Australia with enhanced skills that are applicable to the workplace! These activities demonstrate well-roundedness, initiative, flexibility and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations*.

Global Experience ties together all of these experiences and provides recognition for your hard work and dedication through the Experience Suite. As well you will develop sought after skills, such as networking and intercultural communication through the Global Experience Professional Development course. You will receive industry exposure through the course and networking events and gain an understanding of how industry works and what they seek in graduates through first hand accounts from industry speakers. Through MyAdvantage you will develop skills to promote your experience, skills and knowledge to potential employers. Plus completion of Global Experience is noted on your transcript, your experiences outlined in a letter from the University and a certificate presented to add to your resume. Global Experience will provide you with a strong competitive advantage above other graduates!

* From 'The Attitudes and perceptions of Australian employers towards an overseas experience', QETI and IEAA. Sep 2006.

So Global Experience is a course?
There is a course, Global Experience Professional Development, which is a core component of Global Experience. However, Global Experience is much more than just a course! There are four core components to Global Experience which add to a total of 120 points - Orientation (5 points), Global Experience Professional Development (10 points), Experience Suite (100 points) and MyAdvantage Professional Development (5 points). Students must complete all four components to be awarded the Global Experience program.

Does Global Experience cost me anything (is there a fee)?
There is no fee to join Global Experience. The Global Experience Professional Development course does have a course fee associated with it such as HECS-HELP or an international student fee as per any other normal course you would undertake as part of your academic program. The best thing is, that as you take the course as an elective in your normal program, you won't be out of pocket on top of normal program costs. There are some events which we encourage you to attend, such as Network Now, which do have a cost involved, however these are not compulsory, just an option.

Is there a time limit to complete Global Experience?
You need to complete all of the components (Orientation, Global Experience Professional Development, Experience Suite and MyAdvantage) for Global Experience before you graduate from your undergraduate program at UniSA. For example, if you are in your final year, you could complete Global Experience in one year. Alternatively, if you are a part time student you might take 6 years or more to complete the requirements.

Joining Global Experience 

How do I join?
To join Global Experience, please register via your MyUniSA student portal. Global Experience staff will be in contact within a week of your registration to provide you with any information you may need to help get your Global Experience underway. You should also consider your enrolment for 2013, and whether you can include the Global Experience Professional Development course in your course selection. 

I'm in my first year, can I join Global Experience?
Definitely! The earlier you join the better, as you can plan how to fit in your Experience Suite activities through out your academic program, as well as where you can fit in the Global Experience Professional Development course.

I'm a postgraduate student, can I join Global Experience?
At this stage, the Global Experience program is not offered to postgraduate students. You can however undertake the Professional Development for Graduates course which is a unique course offered to postgraduate students. For more information on the course please click here

I'm an external student, can I join Global Experience?
Yes! You can enrol into the Global Experience Professional Development course as an external student, attend Orientation (on campus) and start building on your Experience Suite activities. You must also attend MyAdvantage which is also only available on campus.


What is involved in Orientation?
Orientation is held over half a day. We go through all you need to know to make Global Experience work for you and set you apart from the crowd! There are also activities designed to take you out of the square and give you a taste of the networking component you will experience during the Global Experience Professional Development course. 

Do I have to attend?
Yes, Orientation is a core component of Global Experience and will reward you with 5 points toward the 120 point total required to complete the program.

How do I find out when Orientation is on?
Dates for Orientation and session times will be advertised on the website. You will also be contacted by Global Experience staff and advised of the dates and times and asked to register for a session that suits your commitments.

I am going on exchange in study period 5, will I be able to attend Orientation before I go?
If you are unable to attend because you will be already on your way to your exchange destination, please contact Global Experience staff and let them know. They can arrange a meeting to go through the program with you and provide the documentation you will need to get started for your Global Experience.

Global Experience Professional Development

How does the Global Experience Professional Development course fit into my academic program?
The course is designed to be taken as an elective course within your normal academic program. If you aren't sure if you can take the course as an elective, it is best to confirm this with your Program Director or Student Advisor.

What are the prerequisites for the course?
You must have completed a minimum of 18 units (4 courses) successfully at UniSA when you commence Global Experience Professional Development. This means if you are in your first year and have studied a full course load in your first study period and passed all four courses, you can enrol in your second study period.

Can I count the courses I gained credit for at another institution toward this prerequisite requirement?
No, you must have completed the 18 units at UniSA in a UniSA program. This is important as we want you to have some experience in how UniSA teaches, our academic expectations of you, and how the University works, as each university or higher education provider is very different!

I have already completed the elective requirements for my program, can I take this as an 'extra' course?
No, government legislation means students can not take more courses than are required to meet their program requirements. However, if you have already met the  elective components of your program through gaining credit for either of these you may wish to consider rescinding one course. This means you effectively give back one course that you received credit for, leaving a course free to use for your Global Experience Professional Development enrolment. Please discuss this option with your Program Director or School Advisor for correct advice relevant to your individual program.

What kind of contact hours will I have for Global Experience Professional Development?
The course will run quite differently to other UniSA courses. There will be three contact hours per week in workshop format, however there will be 3 weeks where there is no contact and students are expected to undertake self-directed activities. More information will be provided in the Course Information Booklet and during the introductory lectures.

What kind of assessment is there?
There are four pieces of assessment, each worth 25%. You must complete each piece of assessment to pass the course. No, there is no exam.

Why do you recommend that I take the course early in my Global Experience involvement?
We recommend you complete the course as early in your involvement in Global Experience as possible (taking into consideration the prerequisites). This is due to the nature and content of the course, which covers networking, career management and intercultural communication. The skills and knowledge you gain from the course will be of use to you throughout your time at University, not only in Global Experience (in particular the Experience Suite), but also in your academic program and any employment you undertake whilst at uni.

I've completed a course similar to this in my academic program - do I have to take this course?
To complete Global Experience you must complete all four components, including the course (it is worth 10 points toward the 120 total required). It is unlikely that you will have completed a course previously which covers all aspects of Global Experience Professional Development. If you have completed a course with an international or global context you can apply to use it as points toward the Experience Suite.

I'm a law/physio/social work/engineering student, how is this course relevant to me?
The course is designed to develop skills such as networking and intercultural communication which are applicable across all disciplines. The component on career management aims to equip you to strategically manage your career beyond the borders of a single organisation, and you will be able to tailor this to your own particular interests, goals and career focus.

The Experience Suite 

How many points do I need to complete the Experience Suite?
You need to complete activities which add to a minimum of 100 points to meet the requirements of the Experience Suite. Of course, you can always do more than 100 points worth, that is just the minimum! You can find the current list of activities and criteria here.

Can I count all my points from courses I've completed in my academic program?
No, the program is designed to encourage and reward you for undertaking extra-curricular activities, such as mentoring, volunteering and participating in conferences, workshops and other activities. While there are some components from your academic program that count toward your Experience Suite points, such as exchange, short term study programs and language and international studies courses, the program is designed to set limits on these so you do need to undertake some extra-curricular activities to complete the Experience Suite.

I want to go on exchange, how do I apply?
Fantastic! An international exchange will make an impressive addition to your resume, while providing you with a truly global education. It will increase your confidence, cultural understanding, interpersonal skills and independence. You will benefit from a new environment, different teaching and learning techniques and you can immerse yourself in culture different from the one you know here. All of this, plus you can claim points toward the Experience Suite! If you would like more information about where you can go and how to apply, please visit the UniSA International Exchange website.

What kind of funding is available to help me study overseas?
There are many funding and scholarship opportunities available to assist students student overseas on exchange. Provided you meet the eligibility criteria for exchange, a travel grant will be provided of up to $2500. There are different scholarships offered throughout the year, as well as the OS-HELP program for Australian citizens. You can find more information about funding opportunities here.

I've studied a language while I've been at uni, can I count each course toward the Experience Suite?
You can count one course from your academic program only. This may be one language course, one international studies course or a 4.5 unit practicum with an international focus.

I have already completed a lot of these activities while I've been at uni, do I have to do them again?
No. We recognise that many students have already undertaken extra-curricular activities while they have been studying at uni and we want to recognise your contribution to the community. You can apply to have activities you have previously completed during your time at university toward the Experience Suite via your MyUniSA student portal. 

I want to attend an activity that isn't listed in the Experience Suite, how do I know if it will count?
The list of activities listed in the Experience Suite is by no means exhaustive. If you have completed an activity previously that is not listed, or would like to attend and activity in the future, you can apply to have the Experience assessed for inclusion in the Experience Suite. Please complete the form 'Petition for Experience Suite activity' found in your MyUniSA student portal. 

I've worked overseas, can I claim points for that?
If you have completed an unpaid internship overseas as part of your academic program, then yes, you can claim this toward the Experience Suite. However, if you worked overseas prior to commencing your program or during a break that has not been counted toward your UniSA program it will not count toward the Experience Suite. The program is designed to encourage engagement in international activities whilst you are studying, to develop skills and attributes that will compliment your academic program and provide that edge as a UniSA graduate.

MyAdvantage Development Experience

When can I complete the MyAdvantage component?
The MyAdvantage Development Experience is the capstone component for the program, and is designed to be undertaken at the completion of your involvement in Global Experience. You must have attended an Orientation session, be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the Global Experience Professional Development course, and have completed a minimum of 65 points in the Experience Suite to undertake this component of the program.

What happens during the Workshop?
The workshop is designed to be interactive and the facilitator will work through ways of marketing yourself to employers, what to expect in a panel interview, and what is required for the panel presentation.

What happens during the panel presentation?
For the presentation, you are required to present a portfolio of the activities you have  completed within the Experience Suite and demonstrate what skills these activities have helped you develop, and how you can apply these to the workplace. You also need to practice the marketing skills we discuss during the workshop and demonstrate what sets you apart from other students (the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained which gives you 'the edge'). As you are presenting on the experiences you have had during your Global Experience journey, we require that you have completed at least 65 points of the Experience Suite to be able to meet the objectives of the presentation.

You present your portfolio to a panel of 4 senior executives from industry, plus Global Experience staff and fellow students undertaking the panel at that time. As a guide, each student has half an hour to present their portfolio plus receive questions and feedback from the panel members. There are a maximum of 4 students presenting to a panel per session You are welcome to invite your parents and/or partner to view your presentation only should you wish.

You will receive the feedback from panel members in a  typed document within 4 weeks after the panel is completed.

I've completed a presentation to industry in one of my courses recently, can I use this as a substitute for MyAdvantage?
No, you must complete all four components of Global Experience to receive the notation on your transcript, certificate and letter from the University.

Graduation and beyond 

What will I receive when I complete Global Experience?
When you have completed the requirements for Global Experience you will receive a certificate of completion and a letter from the University outlining the Experiences you have undertaken and an outline of the program. Both of these items will be fantastic additions to your resume and demonstrate an additional skill set and experience to potential employers. Completion of Global Experience will also be noted on your official UniSA academic transcript.

Can I still be involved in Global Experience after I graduate somehow?
Of course! As a Global Experience Alumni your involvement in the program can continue after you have graduated from your academic program and completed the requirements for Global Experience. You may be interested in mentoring current Global Experience students, speaking at Orientation and promotional events such as Open Day about your Global Experience involvement or assisting with workshops as a UniSA graduate employed in your field. If you are interested in continuing your involvement in Global Experience once you graduate, please contact the Global Experience team to discuss.

Areas of study and research

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