International VET reform projects

Researcher: Elaine Butler

Women workers' cooperative, ChinaDrawing on her expertise in curriculum and project design, development and evaluation, and VET reform, Elaine Butler has undertaken extensive overseas consulting work in the countries of the South Pacific, southern Africa and Vietnam. Most recently, Elaine was the Gender and Development Expert and VET Access and Equity Advisor for the recent Australia–China (Chongqing) Vocational Education and Training Project (ACCVETP), a major five-year VET reform project. Elaine's role involved looking at the gender dimensions of rurality and displaced workers in China.

Elaine Butler at a EuroVET conference, Switzerland, with Dr Ante Barabasch (Germany), Prof Liv Mjelde (Norway) and Prof James Lutalo-Bosa (Uganda)

Elaine was also involved in the project: UNESCO Paris (Section for Technical and Vocational Education and the Section for Science and Technology Education): CCT poverty project 'Scientific, Technical and Vocational Training for Girls: Schools and Learning Centres as Community Catalysts for Poverty Reduction and Empowerment of Girls'. Elaine's research and advocacy has encompassed AusAid gender and development projects, linking with the World Trade Organisation, to build in processes and protocols to cater for access and equity within the international VET sector.

Areas of study and research

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