Gender inclusivity in engineering education

Researchers: Assoc Prof Judy Gill and Prof Julie Mills

studentsJudith Gill and Julie Mills are collaborating with Mary Ayre from the University of Glamorgan, UK to write a book, Gender-inclusive engineering education, to be published in the Routledge Research in Education series.

This book is designed to meet a need for a single volume that brings together the arguments for increasing the proportion of women in engineering education and employment, together with updated consideration of the problems of recruitment and retention of women in this field of study. It will offer solutions to these problems by advocating modern gender-inclusive curriculum strategies and providing exemplars.

The book will provide a review and appraisal of the theory and practice of gender-inclusive engineering education, together with practical examples of its application. It will clarify the concept of gender-inclusive engineering education, and establish its credibility, accessibility and practicality for a readership of higher education engineering managers and administrators, program leaders and teaching staff.

A progressive approach will be employed in the book to encourage practitioners to introduce an inclusive curriculum gradually. Readers will receive practical advice about implementing any of the stages of an inclusive curriculum at course, program, faculty and institutional level. Case studies will be provided, drawn from the literature, from current practices at institutions in Australia, UK and USA, as well as from the authors' own experience, to demonstrate how an inclusive curriculum can be developed and sustained.

It will also be shown that all students, not only female ones, benefit from approaches to admissions procedures, curriculum content, and teaching, learning and assessment methods that acknowledge and include the social and cultural differences in students' interests and perspectives.

Areas of study and research

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