Gender and space

Researcher: Dr Lia Bryant

telephoneDr Lia Bryant and Dr Mona Livholts from the Midsweden University in Ostersund, Sweden have developed an ongoing international collaboration to work and write together on the gendering of space. They have explored the potential of memory work to contribute to reflexive research practice and to inform understandings of spatiality and gender with a particular focus on how gendered spaces come into being. They have found that memories about the gendering of space have been powerful in the context of travel, particularly in taxis, and in the context of unfamiliar spaces.

Dr Bryant and Dr Livholts have also used memories to explore the transgression and disruption of space by the use of telephones. They have been published in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

Lia Bryant and Mona Livholts, 'Exploring the gendering of space by using memory work as a reflexive research method', International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 2007, 6(3).

Areas of study and research

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