Gender and rurality

Researcher: Dr Lia Bryant

woman farmingDr Lia Bryant's ongoing research is focused around questions of gender and the interaction of social categories, such as sexuality, class, Indigeneity, ethnicity and disability in rural communities. Her area of speciality within this field is the examination of embodiment, especially gender and sexuality in rural spaces and organisations and, in particular, wine organisations.

Dr Bryant has researched rural community sustainability and inclusivity and has worked with farming communities in identifying the social and economic impact of drought as well as the examination of the agri-political and global contexts in which farming occurs. She has worked with farm women and men, and industry and government, to devise policy, and has examined the relationships between gender and a range of technologies including information and communication technologies and biotechnologies.

Dr Bryant is also interested in writing about questions of space and place and in particular methodologies for uncovering the gendering of space. Dr Bryant has written extensively in international referred journals such as Sociologia Ruralis, Journal of Rural Studies, Rural Society, Social Science Computer Review and the International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

Areas of study and research

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