Gender and mental health

Researcher: Nicole Moulding

Nicole MouldingDr Nicole Moulding is involved in ongoing research in the area of gender and the sociology of mental health, with an emphasis on post-structuralist approaches and interpretive research methodologies. Her research has centred on the social construction of subjectivity and the implications for mental health and well-being, as well as the effects of stigma and social exclusion.

Among her specific research projects, Dr Moulding has undertaken post-structuralist feminist research into the gender discourses structuring health care interventions for eating disorders. Up to 95 per cent of eating disorders are diagnosed in women and girls, and Dr Moulding's work demonstrates that many common interventions are embedded in highly gendered assumptions and practices. She is now extending her research to include the voices of women with eating disorders by exploring their life history narratives and the construction of gender identity in eating disorders.

Dr Moulding is also undertaking research into homelessness and mental health, as well as a larger research study into the effectiveness of support services for homeless people.


Areas of study and research

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