Gender and education

Researcher: Judith Gill

(c) Qantas. Used with permission.Associate Professor Judith Gill views gender as a key dimension of social, intellectual and cultural organisation and has conducted ongoing research into gendered effects and schooling and the ways in which gender impacts on people's self understanding, world vision and life choices. Her research interests span the identification of factors associated with student motivation to the schooling practices that are involved in gender construction in students. More recently Assoc Prof Gill's interests have focused on questions of power and politics as evidenced by qualitative research into young people's understandings of the world.

Assoc Prof Gill is involved in the development of inclusive curriculum within educational programs and has investigated social inclusion in public schools. She has presented keynote conference addresses, professional development workshops, commissioned reports, and statistical analyses on gender and schooling, and has published widely on mathematics and gender, the single sex–coeducation debate, gender equity in education, social inclusion in schools, and schooling as a place of belonging.

Judith Gill and Sue Howard, 'Still calling Australia home? Children's constructions of place and identity', paper presented at Australian Association for Research in Education conference, Sydney, 2000.

Areas of study and research

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