RCGS postgraduate completions



  • Kristina Birchmore (supervisor Dr Carole Zufferey), 'Understanding the impact of child sexual abuse in women's sexual lives: a discourse analysis'


  • Tammy Hand (supervisor Dr Carole Zufferey), 'Gender, power relations and feminism in young heterosexual women's lives'


  • Angela Valamanesh (supervisor: Kay Lawrence), 'Animal, vegetable, mineral: an exploration of connectivity through ceramic objects'
  • Margaret Rowntree (supervisors: Lia Bryant and Nicole Moulding)

Professional doctorate

  • Simon Behenna (supervisor: Margaret Peters), 'Effective communication strategies, including new journalism, in the workplace'


  • Kathryn Bowd (supervisor: Margaret Peters), 'Voices of the people: notions of community and Australian country newspapers'
  • Rosalina Yuen (principal supervisor: Judith Gill), 'Curriculum and vocational orientation in adolescent schoolgirls'
  • Pearl Panicker (principal supervisor: Rhonda Sharp and associate supervisor: Suzanne Franzway), 'Understanding cultural production beyond a market paradigm'
  • Ruth Hadlow (supervisor: Kay Lawrence), 'Translation exercises: reconstructing the self between cultures'
  • Lloydetta Quaicoe (associate supervisor: Judith Gill), 'Refugee children and schooling'
  • Kirsty Darlaston (principal supervisor: Kay Lawrence and associate supervisor: Jean Duruz), 'The loom as a stage for performing social and cultural meanings of textile craft objects and practices: an investigation of the interaction between the community and the artist working in public space'
  • Snjezana Bilic (supervisors: Elisabeth Porter and Suzanne Franzway), 'Women's human rights'
  • Trevor Lovett (supervisors: Elspeth McInnes and Elaine Butler)

Doctor of Education

  • Roma Aloisi (principal supervisor: Suzanne Franzway and associate supervisor: Elaine Butler), 'A critical analysis of access and equity in religious education'


  • Mariana Yusoff (supervisor: Margaret Peters), 'Undergraduate engineers: bridging the communication gap in the industrial context'
  • Yuk Ching Lai (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'An investigation of the perceptions of teaching staff and parents of the integration program for young children with disabilities in mainstream preschools in Hong Kong'
  • Kiara Rahman (supervisor: Tangi Steen), 'Indigenous student success in secondary schooling: factors impacting on student attendance, retention, learning and attainment in South Australia'
  • Deborah Tranter (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'Why not university? School culture and higher education aspirations in disadvantaged schools'
  • Jennifer Werner (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'So few, so slow : a contemporary investigation of the immutability of women's under-representation at senior levels in Australian organisations'


  • Bev Majda (supervisor: Rhonda Sharp), 'Did we get what we wanted? The power of political ideas in Australian health policy reform 1998 to 2004'
  • Jeannie Daniels (supervisor: Elaine Butler), 'Negotiating learning: women, the everyday and VET'
  • Anne Glover (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'Making meaning: the education reform agenda and the education of young children in Papua New Guinea 1994–2004'
  • Valerie Adams (co-supervisors: Rhonda Sharp and Suzanne Franzway), 'Nurses' caring labour in residential aged care: a feminist economics analysis'


  • Mary Green (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway), 'Caring relations at work: a case study of one Canadian school district'
  • Sally Harris (supervisor: Jean Duruz), 'Going organic, staying organic : how organic producers in the mid north of South Australia survive in the marketplace, a multiple case study'
  • Elizabeth Hoon (supervisors: Lia Bryant principal and Suzanne Franzway associate), 'Beyond the differential worker: gendered, classed and rural meanings of work for production workers in a large wine-producing organisation'
  • Virginia Mapedzahama (supervisors: Suzanne Franzway principal and Elaine Butler associate), 'Worlds apart? A cross-national comparative study of employed mothers'
  • Helen McLaren (supervisors: Dale Bagshaw and Lana Zannettino), 'Duped by love and responsibility: women who have been partners of men who sexually abuse children'
  • John Spoehr (co-supervisors: Rhonda Sharp and Martin Shanahan), 'Losing power: the struggle for control of South Australia's electricity industry'


  • Judith Elton (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway), 'Comrades or competition? Union relations with Aboriginal workers in the South Australian and Northern Territory pastoral industries, 1878–1957'
  • Iolanda Principe (supervisors: Lia Bryant principal and Ed Carson associate), 'Social capital and the digital divide'
  • Nancy Taber (supervisor: Elaine Butler), 'Ruling relations, warring, and mothering: writing the social from the everyday life of a military mother'
  • Carole Zufferey (supervisors: Donna Chung principal, and Adrian Vicary and Patrick O'Leary associates), 'Homelessness, social work, social policy and the print media in Australian cities'


  • Patricia Carroll (supervisors: Judith Gill principal and Elaine Butler associate), 'Time of our lives! A longitudinal study of women and "retirement"'
  • Reina Ichii (supervisors: Rhonda Sharp principal and Tracey Bretag associate), 'Performance indicators for gender-responsive budgeting: a case study of Australian childcare programs'
  • Julie Tolley (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway), 'Stewed cockatoo and a glass of grenache: an historical investigation of women in the South Australian wine industry 1836–2005'
  • Valerie Paltridge (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'More than just meeting places? Neighbourhood houses, women's wellbeing and social capital'


  • Betty Leask (supervisor: Alison Mackinnon) 'Discursive constructions of internationalisation at an Australian university: implications for professional practice'
  • Helen Martin (supervisor: Margaret Peters) 'Do we get the picture? A study of preschool visual media, their narrative commonalities and children's responses to them'
  • Judith Szekeres (supervisor: Elaine Butler), 'Administrative staff experiences in the corporate university'
  • Irmina Van Niele (supervisors: Kay Lawrence principal and John Barbour associate), 'Ambivalent belonging'


  • Deborah Churchman (supervisor: Margaret Peters), 'Constructing academia in a post-Dawkins institution'


  • Mary Heath (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway), 'The feral state: a feminist critique of the gendered and colonialist theoretical premises of "the state"' (Flinders University)
  • Sue Rimmer (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'The everyday as problematic in the lives of women TAFE teachers'


  • Jane Hiscock (supervisor: Margaret Peters), 'Capturing a process: a cultural analysis of units in a changing university 1993–1995'
  • Lana Zannettino (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'The metaphorical mirror: the role of cultural texts in adolescent girls' envisioning of womanhood'


  • Susan Gelade (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'The spaces between: Australian teachers in Papua New Guinea schools'


  • Lorraine Kerr (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway associate), 'Women, work and retirement in the 1990s and beyond: an Australian perspective'
  • Karen Starr (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway), 'That roar which lies on the other side of silence: an analysis of women principals' responses to structural reform in South Australian education'


  • Julie Mariko Matthews (supervisor: Judith Gill), 'Making spaces: "Asian" girls in school'



  • Helen Nieuwendijk (supervisors: Kay Lawrence principal and Mark Kimber associate), 'Kidstuff: a creative investigation of the "child-made" artefact'


  • Leslie Matthews (supervisors: Kay Lawrence principal and Steven Carson associate), 'Embodied sensory perceptions explored through memory, materiality and tacit knowledge'


  • Barbara Jane Cowie (supervisors: Kay Lawrence principal and Deb King associate), 'A study through text and artefacts of the major factors that have influenced the development of studio glassmaking in South Australia from a glassmaker's perspective: history and practice of studio glass blowing in South Australia'


  • Andrew Welch (supervisors: Kay Lawrence principal and Steven Carson associate), 'Low-tech high-tech touch: an investigation of hand-making and production processes in the jewellery studio'


  • Agnieszka Golda (supervisors: Kay Lawrence principal and Pam Zeplin associate), 'Bewitched between borders, boundaries and building bridges'
  • India Flint (supervisor: Kay Lawrence), 'Arcadian alchemy: ecologically sustainable dyes for textiles from the Eucalypt forest'
  • Carole Zufferey (supervisor: Donna Chung), 'Identity and everyday experiences of homelessness: personal stories from Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men and women'


  • Christine Sanderson (supervisors: Suzanne Franzway and Neville Hicks, co-supervisors), 'Feeding the baby: new mothers' experiences of breastfeeding' (University of Adelaide)


  • Donna Chung (supervisor: Suzanne Franzway principal), 'Australia: a working man's welfare state. A socialist feminist analysis of the Australian welfare state' (University of New England)

Areas of study and research

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