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The members of the SPRG are researchers within the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, associate research colleagues from other schools within and outside the university, and postgraduate researchers whose work is associated with SPRG members. 

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Helen CameronDr Helen Cameron

Dr Cameron's research focuses on social disadvantage in its many forms and its impact on families, students, those with mental illness and on society in general. Her research also includes suburban safety and crime prevention and the effective management of anger and conflict in our society.

Ed CarsonProf Ed Carson

Professor Carson has led a range of consultancies and research projects in the area of employment and labour market programs, in particular for disadvantaged job seekers, for a range of Commonwealth and state government departments. He has also researched other aspects of social disadvantage and social policy, including housing and homelessness, and contractualism and partnerships between government and NGOs.

Sue KingDr Sue King (Coordinator)

Dr King is the coordinator of the SPRG. Her research interests are justice workforce issues, especially the work of correctional officers, the social work and human services workforces, restorative justice, and issues about remand in custody. 

Nicole MouldingDr Nicole Moulding

Dr Moulding is a qualified social worker with a background in women's health and community health. Her research interests are in the areas of gender and mental health, social exclusion and mental health, and interpretive research methodology, particularly post-structural approaches. She has a particular interest in the social construction of subjectivity and the implications for mental health and wellbeing. 

Deirdre TedmansonDeirdre Tedmanson

Ms Tedmanson has experience in a range of social policy areas in the public sector at both state and Commonwealth level. She has also worked extensively with Indigenous people in Adelaide and in regional and remote centres. Recent research projects include: an investigation of volunteering in Indigenous and NESB communities; Managing Well; action research partnerships between UniSA and DHS to provide professional development for managers and directors of Indigenous organisations in SA; a report to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs on petrol sniffing and capacity building strategies in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands; and a national assessment of crime prevention training needs.

Adrian VicaryAss Prof Adrian Vicary

Assoc Prof Vicary's research interests are in the areas of politics, social policy and education. His recent research has addressed changes in the labour process of workers in the public sector in South Australia and comparative understandings of civics and citizenship in India and Australia.  

Carole ZuffereyDr Carole Zufferey

Dr Carole Zufferey worked as social work practitioner for over 15 years prior to being employed at the university. Since 2006 she has worked on various collaborative research projects particularly in the areas of child protection, mental health, homelessness, social work education, domestic violence and women's employment, with the aims of improving service delivery and/or social work education. Her research interests include homelessness, gendered violence, issues for single parents, child protection, employment, mental health, social work practice, social policy, social work education and addressing inequalities related to class, culture and gender. She has published a number of articles particularly in the area of homelessness and social work.

Associate members

Rodney FoppDr Rodney Fopp

Dr Fopp's research interests are public policy and analysis in housing, homelessness and shelter. Research projects he has led include 'Getting out and staying out: pathways to independent living, addressing best practice, critical interventions and strategies for addressing homelessness in SA', the AHURI-funded Sustainable Housing Project, and 'Vulnerable in the city', a study on homeless adults in Adelaide.

Adjunct researchers

  • Tim Agius
  • Dr Ian Goodwin-Smith
  • Dr Lorraine Kerr
  • Dr Murray Muirhead
  • Sue Vardon
  • Dinesh Wadiwel
  • Joy Wundersitz
  • Dr Nilan Yu

Higher degree research students

(Supervisors who are SPRG members are named in brackets.)

  • Matthew Bennett (associate supervisor Helen Cameron)
  • Kristina Birchmore (Nicole Moulding)
  • Julie Douglas (Ed Carson, associate Lorraine Kerr)
  • Antony Fletcher (Adrian Vicary)
  • Jennifer Geary (Helen Cameron, associate Nicole Moulding)
  • Jennifer Harvey (Ed Carson)
  • Lisa Hodge (Nicole Moulding)
  • Lydia Lorenz (Helen Cameron, associate Di Gursansky)
  • Alan O'Connor (associate supervisor Deirdre Tedmanson)
  • Catherine Opitz (Ed Carson)
  • Ann Sharley (Helen Cameron)
  • Tanja Stojadinovic (Nicole Moulding)
  • Fearnley Szuster (Ed Carson)
  • Elizabeth Trickett (Rodney Fopp)
  • Kham Van Tran (Adrian Vicary)
  • David West (associate supervisor Helen Cameron)

Areas of study and research

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