Social Policy Research Group

The research program of the Social Policy Research Group is focused on issues of social justice and social policy, the impact of economic and welfare reform on disadvantaged groups in the community, inequality and social exclusion. We explore the interconnections of poverty, homelessness and social inequality with a focus on employment and housing for families and disadvantaged individuals. We focus on policy, services and programs designed to address social disadvantage.

Our research investigates three interconnected themes:

This website will provide you with information about the members of SPRG and our research partners, our current and past research agendas and projects. We hope that it will also provide a resource for those interested in issues of social justice and social policy, and for prospective research degree students, as well as an overview of the nature and character of our research endeavours.

The SPRG is a research concentration within the Hawke Research Institute.

Contact us at Magill Campus, St Bernard's Rd, Magill or via our coordinator, Sue King:

Areas of study and research

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