South East Acute Health Care and Risk Practice Development Symposium

Mount GambierThe South East Acute Mental Care and Risk Practice Development Symposium was conducted on November 11, 2011 at the UniSA Mount Gambier Campus. The symposium was jointly organised by the University of South Australia's Mental Health and Substance Use Research Group and SA Health's "Acute Matters". There were approximately 70 clinicians, Uni SA nursing and other allied health students and members of the public who engaged with eleven presentations and participated in two panel discussions.

This symposium was driven by an underlying need to know more about dimensions of risk and vulnerability. It was designed to create opportunities for professionals to reflect together on their current practices, particularly in relation to rural and remote settings.

A copy of the program can be found here.

The SA Health Newsletter on the Symposium can be found here.

The main focus of the morning session was collaborative assessment and management of suicide and self-harm risk, based on the Aeschi Clinical Workgroup and the work of David A Jobes. This was delivered by Dr Conrad Newman based on his active engagement with the Aeschi group in recent years. Further information about the Aeschi Clinical Workgroup can be found here.

The second presentation was by Annette Jones on "The findings and clinical practice implications of adverse event reviews in South Australia over recent years". Sobering statistics into suicide and coronial inquests were presented and discussed.

The third presentation by Leigh Peterson was entitled "There's a (w)hole in my bucket: Solution Focused Therapy in the Emergency Department" described her personal journey using Solution-Focussed Therapy in an acute setting and provided a useful de-identified case review of a woman in crisis.
A panel discussion on "Managing Risk - Whose Responsibility?" was facilitated by Dr Andrea Gordon. The panel members included Professor Nicholas Procter, Dr Conrad Newman, Annette Jones and Leigh Peterson from the morning's presentations session.

Paul Prentice and Ann McElroy jointly presented on "Consultation Liaison Mental Health Nursing in a Rural Setting". The presentation included data collected over several years demonstrating the effect on hospital stays and consumer outcomes.

The fifth presentation was a combined effort from Linda Galley and Lynda Dyson on "Towards a rural Biopsychosocial Intermediate Care Service". This service had the aim of strengthening the partnership between Country Health SA and local NGO services in the area.

Dr Andrea Gordon presented on the co-occurrence of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in Australia. Dr Gordon presented on the barriers to treatment, the prevalence of co-morbidity, the levels of impairment, and strategies which can be used to improve the services in rural areas.

Aboriginal community perspectives were provided by Karen Glover (CEO) and Sarah Bates (Program Manager) from Pangula Mannamurna, in a presentation entitled Staying in Balance. Images of pinky grass weaving and the trauma history of the Black Fellows Caves near Carpenter Rocks were used as a poignant back-drop to the mental health needs of Aboriginal people in the South East.

Jean Kerslake presented "Co-morbidity and risk management of clients in the Limestone Coast Region" focusing on the application of the knowledge clinicians have and putting this into their everyday practice.

Philip Galley presented "C- PEOPLe: Practice Development lessons from an integrated service in the Lower Eyre Peninsula". This presentation centred on five key principles for practice development.

Dr Daniel Mosler presented a summary of the changes to the Mental Health Act that came into effect on the 1st of July 2010 and the services which are available in the South East Region due to these changes.

The final presentation was from Dr Jon Jureidini, the Clinical Director of the CYWHS CAMHS. Dr Jureidini presentation was on "Practice Learnings from the delivery of P-MHED (Paediatric Mental Health in the ED) training in Country South Australia".

The afternoon ended with a Panel Discussion on "Picking up the Practice Threads - what might today mean for the future?" facilitated by Philip Galley and consisting of the afternoon speakers as panel members.



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