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Each quater, iCAHE will feature a guideline. Each guideline will be scored using the iCAHE Guideline Quality Checklist. This is a regular feature in our newsletter, Allied and Scientific Health News.

General practice management of type 2 diabetes 2014-2015

This month’s featured clinical guideline General practice management of type 2 diabetes 2014-2015 was produced by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Diabetes Australia. The guideline relates to the general practice management of individuals with type 2 (i.e., non-insulin dependent) diabetes. 

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder which affects the uptake of glucose in the cells of the body. Diabetes is a leading cause of death and mortality worldwide, and is one of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council’s Priority Areas. Given the high prevalence and cost of diabetes, it is important to carefully review the evidence sources used by doctors who treat patients with diabetes.

The guideline is well presented and easy to navigate, with clear summaries of key recommendations. The guideline is written in a format that should be understandable to both doctors and their patients. Importantly, the guideline provides references for each of its recommendations, and grades the evidence underpinning each recommendation using established grading schemes. However, it is not clear how the authors searched for and evaluated the methodological quality of each study; a shortfall which could reduce the reproducibility of the guideline. In summary, however, this is a high quality clinical guideline that can be used by general practitioners and their patients to improve management of type 2 diabetes across the lifespan.


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The guideline scores 10/14 on the iCAHE Guideline Quality Checklist (see the score sheet here (pdf 161kb)) and is freely available online at https://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/best-practice-guidelines

iCAHE Guideline quality Checklist (pdf 154kb)

Key characteristics unique to a clinical guideline, a care pathway and a practice protocol are discussed in the iCAHE textbook: Practical Tips for using and developing guidelines: An Allied Health Primer.

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