International Centre for Allied Health Evidence

Allied Health

A global initiative in improving the quality and safety of allied health care

Making a positive impact on allied health care locally, nationally and internationally, by improving the quality of service delivery and the translation of research evidence into practice.

To do this, iCAHE provides education, research, guidance and support to researchers, clinicians, educators and students, and consumers of allied health care, to inform evidence-based allied and scientific health practice, policy and education.  iCAHE focusses on production, synthesis, implementation and dissemination of evidence and, in collaboration with key stakeholders, closes the evidence-practice gaps through evidence-based practice, policy and educational strategies. iCAHE provides essential resources for allied health workers, researchers, educators, clinicians, policy makers, administrators and patients across the world.

Who are you?

Members of iCAHE

UniSA staff members of iCAHE

There are seven key research areas in iCAHE:

  • Clinical guidelines
  • Cardiopulmonary research 
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Health services research and implementation science
  • Musculoskeletal therapy research
  • Stroke and rehabilitation
  • Teaching and learning in the therapies


Affiliated Research Groups and Collaborators

iCAHE is affiliated with a range of international research groups.  iCAHE also has research links with many individual collaborators, both staff within the Health Sciences Department at the University of South Australia, and from industry and other universities. 

For individuals interested in undertaking postgraduate studies with iCAHE, check the Division of Health Sciences Health Research page.

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International Centre for Allied Health Evidence
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Areas of study and research

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