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From the molecular to the global, Sansom Institute researchers are involved in a diverse range of research activities across a broad spectrum of health and medical sciences, with a particular emphasis on six broad themes and areas of strength:

Cancer Population Health Healthy Lifestyles Pharmaceuticals Neuroscience & Mental Health Aboriginal Health

Working within and across these themes are around 30 different concentrations producing innovative research linked to better health; areas of expertise are diverse and include allied health, musculoskeletal health and bone growth, cell biology, the early origins of adult health, epilepsy, medicines and vaccines development, anthropometry and sports science, health and use of time, health economics, microbiology and infectious disease, evolutionary physiology of the lung, mosquito-borne disease, nursing and midwifery, mental health and substance use, nutrition, neuroscience, public health, medicines policy, epidemiology, therapeutics and pharmaceutical science.

While each area has its own unique aims and projects, the Sansom brings them together to address a broad health agenda centred around four key priorities:

  • Intervening early to prevent illness
  • Improving health systems and services
  • Creating more effective therapies
  • Advancing health equality 

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Clinical Trial Facility

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