Sansom Institute for Health Research

  • Professor Greg Goodall

    MicroRNAs and regulatory networks controlling Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and cancer metastasis

    Professor Greg Goodall from the CCB is presenting a Sansom Institute Research seminar.

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  • Healthy ageing

    Successful Ageing Seminar Series

    Associate Professor Susan Hillier and Dr Michelle McDonnell are presenting at the Successful Ageing Seminar series on Friday 24 July.

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  • David Roder

    Movember Foundation success

    Professor David Roder has secured a grant to further his collaboration with The Prostate Cancer Health Outcomes Research Unit, funded by the Movember Foundation.

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  • Spectroscopy

    Vibrational Spectroscopy: Good Vibrations, Amazing Images…but what can it do for me?

    Dr Elizabeth Carter from The University of Sydney is presenting a Sansom Institute Research Seminar on Wednesday 5 August.

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  • Master of Research (Population Health)


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  • Health Horizons: The Healthy Ageing Issue

    Health Horizons: The Healthy Ageing Issue

    Latest news from the Sansom Institute for Health Research.

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  • Linking research to positive health outcomes

    Linking research to positive health outcomes

    The Sansom Institute is dedicated to research that anticipates and responds to the health care needs of a rapidly changing world.

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Led by Professor Ian Olver, the Sansom Institute for Health Research is the University of South Australia’s premier health and biomedical research concentration. It brings together a diverse group of leading scientists with the key aims of intervening early to prevent illness, improving health systems and services, creating more effective therapies, and advancing health equality. 

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