National research centres

Among the University's research centres are a number which hold a special national status, either as ARC Special Research Centres, Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) or other national research centres.

ARC Special Research Centres are funded by the Australian Research Council for their research excellence and for their potential to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Australia. They bring together concentrations of researchers and resources to establish centres that act as links to international research programs, as well as providing high-quality research and research education in areas of national importance. 

The National Health and Medical Research Council Centre's of Research Excellence support the conduct and development of innovative, high quality and collaborative research. They aim to promote effective translation of research into health policy and/or practice and foster and build capacity in the health and medical research workforce.

Cooperative Research Centres (CRC), a Commonwealth Government initiative, bring together researchers and research users, with an emphasis on collaboration through utilisation, commercialisation and technology transfer. A strong education component focuses on producing graduates with skills relevant to industry needs. 

National research centres at UniSA

ARC Special Research Centres

ARC Special Research Centre for Particle and Material Interfaces

NHMRC Centres for Research Excellence

Medicine and Device Surveillance CRE: Sansom Institute for Health Research

Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs)

UniSA as an Essential Participant

AutoCRC: Contact: Peter Murphy 

Cell Therapy Manufacturing: Contact: Prof Rob Short

Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment: Contact: Prof Enzo Lombi

Data to Decisions: Contact: Professor Markus Stumptner

Innovative Manufacturing: Contact: Mr Andrew Beveridge

Low Carbon Living: Contact: Professor Wasim Saman

Remote Economic Participation: Contact: Ms Annie Campbell

Wound Management Innovation: Contact: Prof Rob Short

Young and Well: Contact: Ms Annie Campbell

UniSA as a supporting Participant

Capital Markets CRC: Contact: Professor Petko Kalev

Pork CRC: Contact: Professor Jon Buckley

Other national research centres

Australian Centre for Child Protection 

Areas of study and research

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