Short-term research opportunities

If you are a senior undergraduate studentpostgraduate student or research degree student from a university/institute in Australia or overseas, you may be able to undertake a short-term research project in one of the University's research concentrations.

The University of South Australia offers research experience opportunities to help you develop skills relevant to your tertiary education, occupation or field of study. Projects can last from 1–12 months. You will carry out research tasks under the supervision of an academic supervisor. You may be required to provide written and verbal progress reports outlining the work you undertake and the results you achieve.

To participate, you must:

  • be in the final stages of an undergraduate degree, or undertaking or having recently completed a Masters or PhD qualification
  • have a high-achieving academic background specifically suited to the research project in which you will participate.

Travel and health insurance

As an overseas visitor, you are responsible for the booking and cost of all travel arrangements, including visas. You must have adequate personal travel/health insurance cover for the duration of the visit.

Steps and documentation

  1. Check the University's research concentrations to ensure your study interests correspond.
  2. Contact the relevant research concentration to discuss your suitability for and availability of a project.
  3. Forward your CV and a recent language certificate confirming your English language ability to the contact provided by the research concentration.


For further information, please liaise with the contact for the research concentration relevant to your study interests.

Areas of study and research

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