Assessing for Honours equivalence

Honours equivalence does not add to the scholarship ranking score for your application. However, it does determine your eligibility for admission to a research degree program and some scholarships.

Final Honours equivalence is determined by the Graduate Research: Admissions team. Quality of publications and relevance of professional experience will be considered in the assessment. The tables below are guidelines only.

To establish your honours equivalence using Entry requirements and eligibility and the tables below, calculate the value of your relevant professional experience and publications.

Maximum scores are:

  • professional experience = 10 points
  • publications = 20 points
  • total possible score = 30 points


Professional experience

Length of relevant professional postgraduate experienceValue towards
Honours equivalence
(maximum total 10)
6 to 12 months professional experience 2
1 to 2 years professional experience 4
2 to 3 years professional experience 6
3 to 4 years professional experience 8
4 to 5 years professional experience 9
5 years or more professional experience 10


DEEWR categoryTypeValue towards
Honours equivalence
(maximum total 20)
A - Books A1- Authored research book 20
A - Books A2 - Authored other scholarly book 20
A - Books A3A - Scholarly book edited 10
B - Book chapter B - Book chapter 10
C - Journal articles C1 - Refereed article in a scholarly journal 10
E - Conference publication E1 - Full written paper - refereed 10
E - Conference publication E4A - Edited volume of refereed conference proceedings 10
J - Other creative works J - Individual exhibition of original art   10
J - Other creative works A substantial scholarly, analytical and descriptive catalogue 10
Patents Patents 10
A - Books  A3B - Other book edited 5
E - Conference publication E4B - Edited volume of non-refereed conference proceedings 5
C - Journal articles C2 - Non-refereed articles in a scholarly or professional journal 3
E - Conference publication E2 - Full written paper - non refereed 3
E - Conference publication E3 - Extract/abstract of paper 1


Your highest degree is a graduate certificate.
You have 3 years and 6 months professional experience.
You have 2 refereed journal articles (C1), and 2 non refereed conference publications (E2).
Work experience = 8 points
Publications = 10 + 10 + 3 + 3 = 26
The maximum score for publications is 20,  therefore your total score is 28.

Using the entry requirements for research degree programs and scholarship allocation process

Please refer to Entry requirements and eligibility for research degree programs for more information.

A graduate certificate together with professional experience and publications totalling 28 points is equal to H1 equivalence. You would be eligible to be considered for admission to a doctorate program and then for Federal Government scholarships such as the Research Training Program domestic (RTPd) Scholarship or the Research Training Program international (RTPi) Scholarship (if applied for at the appropriate time).

Areas of study and research

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