Plant growth modelling from 2D images

Dr Jinhai Cai, Mr Ross FrickDr Mahmood Golzarian, Dr Hamid Laga and Professor Stan Miklavcic

The aim of this project is to automatically model the temporal plant growth patterns based on a sequence of images and to map the linkage between genotype and phenotype. The outcomes of this research program are becoming increasingly important given the establishment of advanced high throughput plant phenotyping facilities. The identification of plant growth stages is key to developing a plant growth stage ontology. It includes the recognition of plant leaves, stems, tillers, and spikes. Some plant components can be differentiated by temporal and spatial features. Therefore, it is essential to track the growth of the plant through its life. This research program will

  • develop image segmentation methods for plant images,
  • extract and analyse important features from the images,
  • design and implement pattern recognition methods to identify leaves, stems and spikes,
  • develop leaf tracking methods to distinguish leaves and tillers,
  • identify plant growth stages based on plant ontologies


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Areas of study and research

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