Modelling of fluid and solute transport in non‐uniform, periodic capillaries

Professor Stan Miklavcic, Dr Bronwyn Hajek, Professor Lee White, Dr Nazmul Islam

The flow of fluids and transport of suspending particles in capillaries has attracted a lot of experimental and
theoretical interest in recent years. The interest is partly inspired by the potential for commercial exploitation in the
area of microfluidics and nanofluidics applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. However, inspiration
also comes from a desire to understand a range of natural phenomena, such as arise in plants. We have an interest in extending our recent efforts to model fluid flow and particle transport in periodic tubes to more general tube conditions, on the one hand, and considering more detailed (perturbation or asymptotic) analyses in simpler cases, on the other.


N. Islam, B. Bradshaw‐Hajek, S.J. Miklavcic, L.R. White (2015) “The onset of recirculation flow in periodic
capillaries: geometric effects”, European Journal of Mechanics ‐ B/Fluids, 53, pp119‐128.
N. Islam, S.J. Miklavcic, B. Bradshaw‐Hajek, L.R. White (2016) “Convective and diffusive effects on particle
transport in asymmetric periodic capillaries” (submitted).

Areas of study and research

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