Modelling multi-phase flow

Professor Stan MiklavcicDr Bronwyn HajekDr Jorge Aarao and Dr Dale Ward

PBRC Research Multiphase DispersionsMulti-phase dispersions are the norm in the industry process of flotation used for water purification, de-inking of recycled paper pulp, and advanced mineral recovery. Despite being a heavily utilized method, the basic processes inherent to flotation are complex. Important fluid dynamic features such as many-bubble hydrodynamic interactions, volume changes due to finite bubble compressibility, and non-uniform distributions of surface-active agents and their affects on particle capture are all present in these compressible systems. In this project modelling the dynamics of a stream of deformable and compressible bubbles as they rise through a dispersion of particles is effected via numerical simulations of the dynamic motion and interaction of deformable bubbles and solid particles as the bubbles rise under buoyancy. Features such as coalescence, hydrodynamic factors favouring and hindering particle capture and particle collection efficiency are studied. Comparisons are made between full numerical results and empirical or phenomenological theories as well as experiments conducted by international collaborators.


Swedish National Research Council Grant, Modelling of flow and interaction dynamics in multi-phase dispersions, $192,000.


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