Modelling concentrated colloidal dispersions

Professor Stan Miklavcic, Professor Lee White, Dr Charlie Mao and Professor Roger Horn

The project involves the mathematical modelling of properties and performance of liquid toners used for colour printing. The research is in collaboration with UniSA's Ian Wark Research Institute(IWRI). The project centres on developing theoretical models that relate measured data to salient properties of samples such as the electrical charge on toner particles. Successful modelling will aid the design of an analytical device with the performance level of a commercial characterisation tool for studying concentrated colloidal dispersions.

The project centres on the physical and mathematical modelling of (a) the electrokinetic behaviour of concentrated particle dispersions in non-aqueous media and (b) the light scattering properties of intrinsically inhomogeneous colloidal dispersions.


2007-2010 ARC Linkage: Horn, R., Miklavcic, S., Mr AB Ozerov Evaluating modern printing inks: the behaviour of charged particles in concentrated non-aqueous colloidal suspensions, $170,000.


Charlie Mao, Stan Miklavcic, Lee White and Roger Horn, "Development of Convective and Light Scattering Model", September 2009.

Charlie Mao, Stan Miklavcic, Lee White and Roger Horn, ARC Linkage Project LP0776625 MS1 Report, December 2009.

Areas of study and research

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