3D Reconstruction and Analysis of Complex Plants

Dr Jinhai Cai, Dr Hamid Laga, Professor Stan Miklavcic

This project is aimed at the acquisition, modelling and analysis of complex and dynamic surfaces using visual data (sequences of images and/or range scans).  In the past few years, 3D acquisition technology has advanced significantly with many devices and systems now available for scanning scenes in real time. However, complex shaped objects, such as plants, still present serious challenges to the computer vision and computer graphics research community.  The focus of this project is on the development of hardware and software solutions to problems involving the 3D acquisition and modelling of plants. It involves the development of

  • a 3D acquisition system for plants by combining different modalities (stereovision, structure light systems, and active sensors),
  • algorithms for modelling the geometry of plants,
  • algorithms for the analysis of the shape and growth behaviour of plants.

PBRC Research 3D Reconstruction


J. CaiS.J. Miklavcic, "3D Cereal Plant Structural Modelling from 2D Orthographic Images," IET Image Processing, (Accepted 2012).

Areas of study and research

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