Seminar archives 2014

PBRC Seminar Series 2014

Formal seminars are held on the Mawson Lakes campus throughout the year. The seminar co-ordinator is Dr Hamid Laga. All are welcome to attend these events.



Seminar Title

Time & Location

17 November 2014

Professor Tim Colmer, University of Western Australia


Mawson Lakes

20 October 2014

Dr Karim Seghounane, University of Melbourne

Sparsity methods for analysis of fMRI data with unknown design paradigm

12.00-13.00, F1-24, Mawson Lakes

18 August 2014

Professor John Sader, University of Melbourne

Fluid-structure interactions of mechanical sensors at nanometre scales

12.00-13.00, F1-24, Mawson Lakes

19 May 2014

Professor Graham Farquhar, Australian National University

Water-use efficiency and water use effectiveness, a stomatal perspective using stable isotopes

12.00-13.00, Q1-01, Mawson Lakes

14 April 2014

Professor Shaun Hendy, University of Auckland

Slippery issues in nanoscale fluid flows

13.00-14.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes

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