Seminar archives 2013

Formal seminars are held on the Mawson Lakes campus throughout the year. The seminar co-ordinator is Dr Hamid Laga. All are welcome to attend these events.



Seminar Title

Time & Location

22 April 2013 Dr Hamid Laga, UniSA Statistical shape analysis: theory and applications 12.00-13.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes
13 May 2013
Associate Professor Victor Sadras, SARDI
Crop adaptation to elevated temperature and drought
12.00-13.00, F1-24, Mawson Lakes
17 June 2013
Associate Professor Antonio Robles-Kelly, NICTA
Imaging spectroscopy for scene analysis 12.00-13.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes
8 July 2013 Professor Mike Wilkinson, University of Adelaide The importance of scale, plasticity and heterogeneity when describing biological systems 12.00-13.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes
9 September 2013 Associate Professor Scott McCue, QUT Shatter, bounce, adhere or spread: droplets impacting and spreading on leaf surfaces 12.00-13.00, MM1-05, Mawson Lakes
13 September 2013 Professor Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University A computational framework for statistical shape analysis 12.00-13.00, MC1-02, Mawson Lakes
22 October 2013 Professor Rosemary A. Bailey, University of St Andrews, UK Circular designs balanced for neighbours at distances one and two 15.00-16.00, MM1-05, Mawson Lakes
28 October 2013
Professor Bob Anderssen, CMIS, CSIRO Recovering information about grain hardness from SKCS 4100 measurements 12.00-13.00, P2-04, Mawson Lakes
11 November 2013 Associate Professor Tim Brodribb, UTAS Green evolution - taking the sex out of plant evolution
12.00-13.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes
10 December 2013
Dr Ettore Stella, CNR, Italy
3D reconstruction systems for ndt quality control
12.00-13.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes
17 December 2013
Dr Pascal Neveu, INRA, France
An approach based on knowledge engineering techniques and statistical methods for data validation
12.00-13.00, GP1-08, Mawson Lakes

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