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PBRC Seminar Series 2012

Formal seminars are held on the Mawson Lakes campus throughout the year. The seminar co-ordinator is Dr Hamid Laga. All are welcome to attend these events.



Seminar Title

Time & Location

14 May

Professor Hans Lambers,
University of Western Australia

Phosphorus use and acquisition of native plants and crops when growing in severely P-limiting soils

2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, GP1-08

9 July

Professor Mohammed Bennamoun,
University of Western Australia

Topics in 3D Computer Vision

2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, GP1-08

6 August

Dr Matthew Simpson,
Queensland University of Technology

How long does it take for a diffusive process to finish?

2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, P2-41

20 August

Professor Graham King
Southern Cross University

Resolution of Genotype x Environment interactions:  the challenge for crop science

2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, P2-41

3 September

Professor Kerry Landman,
University of Melbourne

Simple rules for a "simple" nervous system?

2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, P2-41

29 October

Professor Barry Hughes,
University of Melbourne
Continuum models of cohesive stochastic swarms

2:00pm, Mawson Lakes, P2-41

31 October 

 Professor Rosemary Bailey,
Queen Mary, University of London

From Rothamsted to Northwick Park: designing experiments to avoid bias and reduce variance

4:00pm, Mawson Lakes, P2-04 

12 November

Dr Jürgen Zanghellini, Austrian Centre for Industrial Biotechnology

The biology of convex polytopes: extreme rays, minimal cut sets, and the design of optimal cell factories

2:00pm, Mawson Lakes, GP1-08

26 November

Professor Roger Leigh,
University of Adelaide

Here, There But Not Everywhere: Differences in Nutrient Storage and Distribution Within Vacuoles of Different Leaf Cells

2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, GP1-08

10 December Dr Stuart Hawkins, Macquarie University An efficient stable T-matrix algorithm for a stochastic multiple acoustic scattering model 2:30pm, Mawson Lakes, GP1-08

PBRC Study Group

Study group meetings are held on alternate fortnights to group meetings at Mawson Lakes in the PBRC Meeting Area. A journal article or book chapter is read beforehand and discussed.




30 April 2012

Plant growth rates


28 May 2012

Developmental Physiology and Allometry


ACPFG Bioinformatics Meetings

ACPFG bioinformatics meetings are journal club meetings held on Fridays at 10am in the ACPFG boardroom (Plant Genomics Centre Building, Waite Campus) unless otherwise specified.




1 March 2012


Wade Hines

15 March 2012

Using the Burrows Wheeler transform in bioinformatics

John Toubia

29 March 2012

Shape Statistics

Hamid Laga

13 April 2012

Image Matting and Adaption

Jinhai Cai

27 April 2012

Molluscan medicines: A surprise investigation into symbiont gene expression in the marine snail Dicathais orbita

Patrick Laffy

11 May 2012

Genome Assembly Forensics and Visualisation using AMOS and Hawkeye

Nathan Watson-Haigh

25 May 2012

A study of camel diet and its impact on Australian flora using Next Generation Sequencing

Hugh Cross

8 June 2012

Ontologies for plant phenotyping - Querying the Semantic Web

Bogdan Masznicz

20 July 2012

Designs for experiments and approaches to the analysis of longitudinal data for ACPFG experiments

Huwaida Rabie

3 August 2012

Bioinformatics Winter school overview

Elena Kalashyan

17 August 2012

Genotyping by Sequencing

Ute Baumann

31 August 2012

Rigorous Solutions to Two-Dimensional Potential and Scattering Problems for Multi-Conductor Systems

Galyna Safonova

14 September 2012

Genome Assembly: String Graph versus de Bruijn Graph

Nathan Watson-Haigh

28 September 2012

 Multibody Tracking and Behaviour Analysis

Pankaj Kumar

12 October 2012 

 European Conference in Computational Biology overview

Ute Baumann

26 October 2012

 qPCR and its applications

Yuan Li

9 November 2012 DNA sequencing from nanopore translocation signals / Camera lens distortion correction
Jinhai Cai

30 November 2012


Alexandre Garcia

14 December 2012

Consensus Multilabelled Trees

Radoslaw Suchecki

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