Sequencing error correction without a reference genome

Hands holding a Petri dish The Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre has recently published an article in the journal BMC Bioinformatics which has attracted wide interest. The article, ‘Sequencing error correction without a reference genome’, was authored by PBRC member Julie Sleep and collaborators at the Centre for Cancer Biology and Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics.

This research tackles the important problem of identifying sequencing errors in next generation sequencing data, in the difficult case where a reference genome is not available. Methods, such as the one developed, are a critical step in microRNA studies, unsequenced genomes, and variant detection in ultra-deep sequencing.

This ‘highly accessed’ paper was ranked the #1 most popular article in the BMC Bioinformatics in terms of accesses for approximately 5 weeks after publication, and has been widely shared on social media. It is an open access article, freely available at this location with the corresponding software available here.

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