About Us

About us

The Future Industries Institute (FII) was established in 2015 bringing together the research activities of the established Ian Wark Research Institute (IWRI), Mawson Institute (MI) and Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (CERAR). The FII focuses on four research strands:

  • Minerals and Resources Engineering
  • Energy and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Bioengineering and Nanomedicine.

The research strands build from the research capabilities and reputations of the IWRI, MI and CERAR, IWRI and extends into other complementary research capabilities within the University 's Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment, and across the University.

These strands support state and national research and economic development priorities in:

  • Resources, energy and renewable assets (State Economic Priority 1, National Priority 5)
  • Environment, soil and water (State Economic Priority 2, National Priorities 2 and 7)
  • Health research and devices (State Economic Priority 3, National Priority 5)
  • Commercialisation of research and growth through innovation (State Economic Priorities 4 and 6, National Priority 6)

We have also formed a new major academic partnership with University College London (UCL), and will engage in joint research programs and develop educational initiatives in conjunction with UCL Engineering. We aspire to make this partnership a model of close international collaboration and will work together to achieve this.

Building a research-rich learning environment

For research degree (HRD) students, the bringing together of three institutes into one, creates a more dynamic and supportive research environment. Research staff within the Institute are also linked to the university’s teaching programs to enhance the relevance of the engineering and science programs delivered in the Schools and improve connectivity between teaching and research.

Its four core strands are led by top research professors in their fields, and teams of researchers and research fellows collaborate across disciplines and work with industry partners to deliver innovations and solutions.

A pipeline for innovation

The FII focuses on addressing real world issues and partnering with industry and end-users. We provide industry with a “go to” destination to work on improvements, innovations and breakthroughs.

The Institute is designed to attract leading collaborators and engage new talent by including opportunities for research fellowships and higher degree research scholarships, providing a pipeline for the nurturing of talented engineers and scientists. Its internationally engaged researchers work with a core team of technical staff to bring projects to fruition.

In addition, we have a senior industry engagement manager who develops partnership opportunities with industry locally and internationally and works with UniSA Ventures, UniSA’s commercialisation arm, to support the development of new products and services.

Areas of study and research

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