Our expertise

Mawson Institute

The strength of our researchers at the Mawson Institute lies in their application of fundamental science to develop knowledge-based technologies that will increase functionality and provide intelligent solutions for tomorrow's manufacturing industry.

Rapid advances and convergence in areas such as materials science, nano-biotechnology, biomaterials and tissue engineering, sensor technology and advanced computing, leads to new products and production processes and will radically change the scope of manufacturing in Australia.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the Institute works on research questions of international significance and builds capacity to address major questions across discipline boundaries.

Leveraging upon local, national and international business and industry networks, the Institute engages with the whole lifecycle of manufacturing, from enquiry to concept, right through to commercialisation.

The Mawson Institute's purpose-built, state-of-the-art laboratories support the innovation cycle from conception to creation, meeting the research and development needs of advanced manufacturers. Our facilities include a wide variety of specialised equipment.

To enquiry about use of equipment please contact Dr Warwick Grooby, Institute Lab Coordinator - 08 830 23631.  A full list of equipment including specifications will be available on the UniSA web site shortly.

Areas of study and research

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