Mawson Institute

Discover how the Mawson Institute’s science and engineering research is underpinning ‘next generation’ manufacturing by developing innovative technology platforms.

Our cutting-edge research is shaping the future of high tech manufacturing, opening up economic opportunities for South Australia and improving people’s quality of life.

Our focus

The strength of our research lies in the application of fundamental science to develop knowledge-based technologies that will increase functionality and provide intelligent solutions for tomorrow’s manufacturing industry. Rapid advances and convergence in our areas of specialty, such as:

  • materials science
  • surface engineering
  • nano-biotechnology
  • biomaterials
  • tissue engineering
  • sensor technology
  • minerals science
  • spatial augmented reality, will lead to new products and production processes that will radically change the scope of manufacturing in Australia.

Cooperative Research Centres

The Mawson Institute is also a key participant in two current Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). Within the CRC framework we conduct a mix of fundamental and applied research in partnership with our industry collaborators.

Our collaborative engagement with industry and research institutions around the globe feeds into our rich research and teaching environment. We are significant partners in two cooperative research centres, for Advanced Automotive Technology and Wound Management Innovation; and are a significant partner along with the Ian Wark Research Institute in the $73 million Materials and Minerals Research and Teaching Hub.

Areas of study and research

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