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Welcome to the web site of the Mawson Institute at the University of South Australia. I hope that it will entice you to join us, visit us, or collaborate with us. Today’s research is, ever increasingly, dependent on stimulation and cross-fertilisation by exchanges, linkages, and multi-disciplinary interactions. I am sure that you would find it a mutually rewarding experience.

Our vision is to be a leading centre of expertise in materials science and its application to novel products. Based on strong fundamental research in selected areas of materials science, we aim to innovatively combine materials science with engineering for translation to prototype products. New technology platforms developed at the Mawson Institute are intended to underpin next generation manufacturing via integration into new products and processes. At our Institute, scientists and Engineers work in parallel on concepts and commercialisation, significantly reducing the time and steps in product development. At the same time, research by PhD students and staff provides the next generation of knowledge, ideas, and technologies.

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Professor Hans Griesser
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