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The MnM Centre Working Paper Series

The MnM working papers are pre-publication versions of scholarly work usually intended for publication as journal articles or book chapters at a later date. The papers are intended to provide open access to research that contributes to the intellectual aims of the MnM Centre.

The centre welcomes submissions of approximately 3000–5000 words in any widely accepted referencing style from scholars working in any relevant field across the humanities and social sciences. Postgraduate students may also submit work subject to editorial guidance from MnM research staff.

Papers are reviewed as they arrive with the understanding that they are works in progress. Copyright remains with the author(s) who retain(s) the right to publish the paper in full or in part elsewhere. We do, however, request that when authors publish elsewhere they acknowledge publication of an earlier version in the MnM Working Paper Series.

If you wish to remove a publication from the site (e.g. when it is published elsewhere) you may submit full publication details to appear in place of your working paper. Comments on a working paper, however, should be directed to its author.

Note: Shorter pieces of approximately 1000–2000 words may be accepted for our MnM Commentaries.

Working papers

18. Dhattiwala, Raheel 
Next-door strangers: Explaining ‘neighbourliness’ between Hindus and Muslims in a riot-affected city
PDF 760 KB download

17. LeVine, Mark and Reynolds, Bryan 
Performance Activism in Nabi Saleh:The Collaborative Theater of Politics and Resistance
PDF 417 KB download

16. HassanRiaz 
Power and Piety: Religion, State and Society in Muslim Countries
PDF 668 KB download

15. Hassan, Riaz
Political and Social Changes in the Muslim World with Special Reference to Development, Knowledge and Freedom deficits
PDF 665 KB download

14. Shariff, Abusaleh 
Development, diversity and equal opportunity in India
PDF 814 KB download

13. Masud, Muhammad Khalid
Role of the Council of Islamic Ideology in the Islamisation of laws in Pakistan
PDF 518 KB download

12. Chowdhury, Iftekhar Ahmed 
Pakistan, power play and a new South Asian paradigm
PDF 615 KB download

11. Burki, Shahid Javed
Pakistan’s present, past and future
PDF 1.73 MB download

10. Simone, AbdouMaliq
Collective life unbroken
18 March 2013 / PDF 1 MB download

9. Sayyid, S 
Empire, Islam and the postcolonial
17 July 2012 / PDF 1.1 MB download

8. Tyrer, David
Race, offence and democracy
18 January 2012 / PDF 1 MB download

7. Hoenig, Ron
The borderscape of detention: media depictions of the denizens of Woomera
15 December 2011 / PDF 1.3 MB download

6. Klug, Brian
An almost unbearable insecurity: Cameron's Munich speech
7 December 2011 / PDF 1.2 MB download

5. Nimako, Kwame
Reorienting the world: with or without Africa
18 November 2011 / PDF 1.1 MB download

4. Chin, Warren
Expeditionary warfare in the age of global terrorism: a critical assessment of Britain's war against Al Qaeda
18 March 2011 / PDF 1.2 MB download

3. Darby, Phillip
Re-orienting the postcolonial: responding to the South, working in the North
18 March 2011 / PDF 1.2 MB download

2. Slater, Lisa
Saltwater cowboys: life in a time of death and destruction
18 March 2011
Link removed. Paper under review for publication.

1. Hindess, Barry
3 December 2010 / PDF 1 MB download

Disclaimer: The working papers are published in the name of the authors.The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the individual members of the MnM's board, Advisory Committee or staff and should not be attributed to them.

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