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The Older Migrants Forum

23 December 2015

On 27 November 2015, the MnM Centre partnered with Welcome to Australia to hold an Older Migrants Forum.  The forum was chaired by Mohammad Al-Khafaji, Chief Executive Officer: Welcome to Australia, with group discussions facilitated byDr Amrita Malhi, MnM Centre Research Fellow, and Leah Marrone from Welcome to Australia. The forum was devised as a pilot project aimed at testing the value of intercultural discussions between established migrant communities. A report of the forum is available here

Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies

22 December 2015

 Professor Riaz Hassan was interviewed at the 15th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS). Manado, Indonesia, 3-6 September 2015. Watch the interview here.

'The experiences and perceptions of refugees of local government services and support, focusing on African refugees'

16 December 2015

This report funded by the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, investigates the challenges newly arrived African refugees in Australia face and how they perceive local government initiatives and support. Read the report here.

'The Clothes Have No Emperor! Reflections on the crisis of violence in Lyari Town, Pakistan' by Adeem Suhail

16 December 2015   

This report seeks to decenter the dominant discourse of criminality and gang-violence which has become wedded to Lyari Town, Karachi, Pakistan.  Read the report here.

'Stop making me apologise for the acts of extremists'

12 December 2015

 The National has published an article by Professor Yassir Morsi on the need for people to stop associating extremist Islam with mainstream Islam. Read the article here.

'Donald Trump and Attitude towards Muslims' interview with Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir

11 December 2015

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir was interviewed on RTHK (Hong Kong), during an interview titled “Donald Trump and Attitude towards Muslims”. Read the article here or download the podcast.

‘Productive Myopia: Seeing Past History's Spectacle of Accuracy’ by Jeanne-Marie Viljoen

11 December 2015

Jeanne-Marie Viljoen, a PhD candidate of the MnM Centre has had this article published: ‘Productive Myopia: Seeing Past History's Spectacle of Accuracy in the Journal of War and Culture Studies, University of Westminster (UK). Read the article here.

ABC radio interview with Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir

25 November 2015

 Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir was interviewed on 891 ABC Adelaide with Ian Henschke. Listen to the interview at this link.

Vigil'Showing solidarity with migrants is more than 'comfort' for white people' by Dr Amrita Malhi

20 November 2015

Dr Amrita Malhi has published an article in The Guardian titled 'Showing solidarity with migrants is more than 'comfort' for white people'. Read the article here.

'Burn in hell' an interview with Dr Yassir Morsi

20 November 2015

Dr Yassir Morsi was interviewed by the ABC in an article titled “'Burn in hell': Hate message taped to door of Newcastle mosque amidst reports of rise in Islamophobia since Paris attack”. Read the article here.

2015 Narratives of War Symposium: Reflections of War

19-20 November 2015

 The Journalism and Communication Research Group, in partnership with Veterans SA, hosted the 2015 Narratives of War Symposium: Reflections of War at UniSA’s Magill Campus on 19-20 November 2015. The MnM Centre’s Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir presented a paper titled “Historical conflicts and Muslims in Australia” and MnM Centre PhD candidate Alasdair Hynd presented a paper titled “Abandoning binary narratives and brining in ideology: The role of the Rojava Kurds and Turkey in the Syrian civil war”.

Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture

13 November 2015

On 12 November, the MnM Centre was proud to partner with the Hawke Centre and the UniSA School of Law to host the annual Nelson Mandela Lecture. This year’s esteemed speaker, Professor Hilary Charlesworth, spoke about citizenship and human rights in the context of the Australian Government’s Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015. You can listen to a podcast of the lecture at this link.

UniSA radio project celebrates diversity and strength

University Radio11 November 2015

A new radio series, produced by young people of refugee background now living in Adelaide, is currently on the air, thanks to internet radio station UniCast. The radio series is part of a research project being conducted by the University of South Australia, and funded by the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, to explore how engagement in community media can assist young people in their resettlement experience.  To listen live tune to UniCast on Mondays and Tuesdays 7 – 8pm, or the repeat program Sundays 4 – 6pm. Read the attached media release for more information. 

MnM collection on Australian Policy Online

11 November 2015

This website provides a comprehensive online collection of the MnM Centre’s research outputs, including books, articles, working papers, blogs and commentaries. The website also provides links to related research, commentary and other resources essential for public policy development and implementation in Australia and New Zealand.

Film Screening: 'By Compass and Quran: History of Australia’s Muslim Cameleers'

The MnM Centre will be hosting a screening of 'By Compass and Quran: History of Australia’s Muslim Cameleers'. This film is directed by Kuranda Seyit and produced by Fadle El Harris. This masterful documentary, seven years in the making, passionately explores the history and retraces the steps of the early Afghan cameleers through the words of their descendants and expert historians, featuring stunning photographs, moving images and interviews. Click here for further information and registration details.

Working Papers

30 October 2015

Four new working papers are now avaliable to read. They include:

Shariff, Abusaleh 
Development, diversity and equal opportunity in India
PDF 814 KB download

Masud, Muhammad Khalid
Role of the Council of Islamic Ideology in the Islamisation of laws in Pakistan
PDF 518 KB download

Chowdhury, Iftekhar Ahmed 
Pakistan, power play and a new South Asian paradigm
PDF 615 KB download

Burki, Shahid Javed
Pakistan’s present, past and future
PDF 1.73 MB download

Constitutional change the only hope for a united Iraq – and defeating ISIS

20 October 2015

 Writing in National Identities, Shamsul Khan (University of South Australia, MnM Centre Associate) and Sherko Kirmanj (University Utara Malaysi) propose a radical plan to tackle Iraq’s dysfunctional governance and never-ending ethnic and sectarian conflict – a situation currently being exploited to the full by ISIS. View the press release from the Taylor and Francis Newsroom.

'Clear And Future Danger' by Professor Riaz Hassan

14 October 2015

 Professor Riaz Hassan writes how  the relative deprivation of Indian Muslims will create social and political conditions that may undermine India's political stability. Read the article here.

'Muslim parents becoming more strict with their children isn't the solution to radicalisation' by Dr Yassir Morsi

9 October 2015

Dr Yassir Morsi, MnM Centre Research Fellow, had an article titled “Muslim parents becoming more strict with their children isn't the solution to radicalisation” published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Read the article here.

Professor Riaz Hassan

Muslim representation in the media

8 October 2015

People who identify as Muslim make up just over 2% of the Australian population. Yet if you watch, listen or read the Australian news you would be led to believe it is much more. In light of the police raids that took place in Western Sydney yesterday, it is important to ask, is the Australian media keeping this all in perspective? 

The Director of the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, Professor Riaz Hassan, was interviewed by Louise Pascale on Radio Adelaide on 8 October. Listen to the interview here

'Rise of Minority Muslim Population Poses Challenge to India’s Democracy' by Professor Riaz Hassan

8 October 2015

Professor Riaz Hassan analyses the data for India, along with the Sachar Committee report on the status of Muslims in Indian society and India’s 2011 census report in an artilce published on Yale Global Online. Read the article here.

'Patronage and territoriality: Islamizing space in the Western city' by Dr Noha Nasser

8 October 2015

 Dr Noha Nasser, who joined the MnM Centre as a visiting scholar during November and December 2012, has published a paper titled “Patronage and territoriality: Islamizing space in the Western city” in Contemporary Islam, pp 1-29, first published online: 08 October 2015. Read the article here.

The Cronulla riots: Muslims’ place in the white imaginary spatiality by Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir

7 October 2015

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir has published a journal article on the December 2005 Sydney Cronulla Beach riots. Read the article here.

ABC World Tonight Interview with Dr Amrita Malhi

22 September 2015

Dr Amrita Malhi, Research Fellow at the MnM Centre, was interviewed on the ABC’s World Tonight program. As the FBI launches its investigation into the Malaysian 1MDB investment fund, Dr Malhi, a Malaysia expert, discusses why the fund was created, where it went wrong, and what the latest investigation might reveal.  Watch the interview here.

Seminar: ‘We Hope to Raise the Bendera Stambul’: British Forward Movement and the Ottoman Caliphate on the Malay Peninsula

18 September 2015

The Department of Asian Studies presents a seminar by Dr Amrita Malhi, Research Fellow, International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding (MnM Centre) at the University of South Australia. ‘We Hope to Raise the Bendera Stambul’: British Forward Movement and the Ottoman Caliphate on the Malay Peninsula 

When:     1.10pm, Friday, 18 September 2015
Where:    Kenneth Wills Building, Level 5, Room 553

Find further information here

Malaysian Progressives in Australia Seminar

5 September 2015

On 5 September, Dr Amrita Malhi, Research Fellow at the MnM Centre, presented a seminar with the Malaysian Progressives in Australia on the topic “Can Malaysian NGOs Create A New Multiracial Politics?” which explored and analysed the true impact of NGO movements. View this website for further details of the event.

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir

31 July 2015

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir recently had an article titled‘Muslim Youth’s Identity in Australia: Vigilant, Rational and Bicultural’, Journal of Applied Youth Studies, 1 (1): pp. 82-96. Read the full article.

Malaysia in turmoil as PM focuses on survival

7 August 2015

Dr Amrita Malhi recently had an article titled “Malaysia in turmoil as PM focuses on survival” published in The ConversationRead the full article.

Minnesota - Human Rights Watch report

9 August 2015

An inevitable challenge of analyzing large-scale events of human rights violations (e.g. armed conflict, ethnic riots, violent policing) is the quality of data available. Government data as well as data provided by advocates for victims tend to be biased; governments are likely to undermine the actual scale of violation, rights advocates are likely to overestimate. A preferred alternative for scholars studying violence and conflict is newspapers and similar media-based sources. It's a methodology known as event-based media monitoring (EMM). Of course, EMM brings along its own share of challenges: which media sources to track, what information to look for, how to manage the monitoring process, and what to do with the collected information? 

A recent report from the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with Human Rights Watch, meticulously evaluates the use of manual and automated EMM systems and offers suggestions allowing the collection of valid and reliable data. It interviews and extensively cites the work Dr Raheel Dhattiwala, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the MnM Centre, for her own data collection strategy that was used to analyze ethnic violence in India as part of a doctoral thesis at Oxford University in 2012. In doing so, the report highlights MnM's principal research priority -- that of adopting rigorous scholarship and new ways of thinking to explain unpredictable sociological phenomena about ethnic and religious communities. Read the full report.

ReportAustralian Muslims: A demographic, social and economic profile of Muslims in Australia

1 July 2015

This profle report produced by MnM provides an accurate insight into the experiences of Australia's 500,000 Muslims.

This report aims to make people not only learn new things about Australian Muslims but, as a result of that, unlearn old things.

Read the full report.


InterculturAdelaide - Relive the conference on Twitter

9 July 2015

InterculturAdelaide is a major public policy summit and action research project that took place in Adelaide on July 9th. Its aimed to bring together stakeholders, scholars and policymakers to consider the idea of ”interculturality”—broadly defined as a set of cultural skills supporting openness and adaptivity. The summit stimulated a discussion in South Australia of Australians’ own diversity, both ancient and modern, and our relationships with diverse regional neighbours in Asia. The summit was embedded inside the Ninth International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS9), hosted by Adelaide in July 2015.  

View the program.

Dr Amrita Malhi

10 July 2015

Dr Amrita Malhi features in The Advertiser in an article titled "Engagement with Muslims is an inescapable part of our search for a prosperous future in Asia".  Read the full article.

Professor Riaz Hassan

Professor Riaz Hassan had an article titled “Countering the scourge of ISIS” published in Arts and OpinionRead the full article.

2015 Australian Refugee Association Portrait Exhibition

3 July 2015

The 2015 Australian Refugee Association Portrait Exhibition, supported by the MnM Centre, was held in the Bradley Forum on the City West campus on 3 July.

Dr Chloe Gill-Khan 

1 July 2015

Dr Chloe Gill-Khan has written a blog piece titled “Languages of the Divine”. Read more

Dr Chloe Gill-Khan has recently had an article titled “Asian Britain: a visual chronicle of South Asian-British histories”published in Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture.  

Professor Riaz Hassan

26 June 2015

Professor Riaz Hassan was interviewed by Brett Williamson from the ABC.Titled 'Australian Muslims profiled in UniSA report by International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding'. The interview is available to read online.

Dr Shamsul Khan

25 June 2015

Dr Shamsul Khan, an Associate of the MnM Centre, recently had an article titled “A Model of Spirituality for Ageing Muslims” published in the Journal of Religion and HealthRead the full article.

ARA 40th Anniversary Oration
With Dr Tim Soutphommasane as part of Refugee Week

19 June 2015

The International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding has supported the ARA 40th Anniversary Oration as part of 2015 SA Refugee Week. This oration, by Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission, is presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the Australian Refugee Association.

The disadvantages of being Muslim in Australia

5 June 2015

Professor Riaz Hassan had an article titled "The disadvantages of being Muslim in Australia" published in The Australian. Read the article here.


Dr Amrita Malhi

27 May 2015

On 27 May, Dr Amrita Malhi was an invited guest at the Australian Refugee Association’s “Settlement Action Network”. Her topic addressed themes of interculturality and citizenship.

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir

23 May 2015

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir was interviewed by Shane Rodgers for an article titled “Statistics lay bare stark economic and social disparities for Muslims”, The Weekend Australian, 23-24 May 2015. Read more.

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir has published a book review of “Growing Up Muslim: Muslim College Students in America Tell Their Life Stories” in Sociology of ReligionRead more.

Jeanne-Marie Viljoen

19 May 2015

Jeanne-Marie Viljoen, a PhD candidate in the MnM Centre, recently had an article titled “Engaging an aesthetics of the ‘invisible’ in graphic narratives to represent violence ethically” published in Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural StudiesRead the full article. 

Professor Scott Atran

23 April 2015

Professor Scott Atran, a Distinguished International Associate of the MnM Centre, recently gave an International Address to the UN Security Council on Youth, Violent Extremism and Promoting Peace.

Read the transcript and watch the video.

Public Forum: Muslim migrants in South Australia: work, immigration and aspirations

12 April 2015

On 12 April, the MnM Centre led a public forum titled Muslim migrants in South Australia: work, immigration and aspirations. Hosted in conjunction with the City of Charles Sturt, the forum aimed to encourage Muslim immigrants to discuss their settlement matters. The topics of discussions included employment, immigration, housing, education, aged care, volunteering, and legal issues. The fundamental basis for this forum was to build a better understanding between the service providers and the Muslim migrant community, and to contribute towards the development of a resilient and inclusive South Australian society. Read the report here. 

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