International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding

The International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding (MnM) seeks to understand the root causes of the differences between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities and to pioneer ways of bridging the divide that these differences seem to produce.

The centre promotes critical scholarship and research that helps to improve understanding and relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is socially engaged and contributes to both academic and public debates. It presents new ways of thinking about contemporary communities and cultures, offering us the chance to re-imagine our world.

The MnM Centre is a research concentration of the Hawke Research Institute.

What's new? 

Engaging with diversity: A case study of the intercultural experiences of Muslim and non-Muslim students in an Australian school

The study explored how students in a highly diverse school experienced interacting within and between their languages, cultures and faiths.The findings highlight how students, and the school community more broadly, interpret, reflect on and manage reflexively the phenomenon of diversity. The role of languages and cultures is seen as key in mediating and creating spaces for diverse ways of knowing and learning, believing and being, and ultimately, belonging. This is significant when we learn that more students at the school are multilingual than monolingual, and 50 percent of the students are not Catholic, but Muslim. From the perspective of students and the school community, understanding one another in terms of a Muslim and non-Muslim distinction is considered to be an overly simplistic representation of their experience of interacting in diversity. The faith-based nature of the school facilitates a supportive response to the diverse religious identities and needs of the students, and there is an emphasis on creating a whole-of-school culture of learning and understanding through an ongoing dialogue of engagement and reciprocity.  Read the report here.

Islamophobia, social distance and fear of terrorism in Australia: a preliminary report

report coverThe MnM Centre has released a new report that focuses on Australians’ perceptions of Muslims, in particular levels of Islamophobia, feelings of social distance and concern about terrorism. It investigates how demographic factors such as age, religion, place of residence, employment status and political views affect the likelihood that someone is Islamophobic, feels socially distant from Muslims, or is worried about a terrorist attack.The research for this study was supported by grants from the Life Course Centre (LCC), an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course at the Institute of Social Science Research, University of Queensland and the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding of the Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia. Read the report here.

The Older Migrants Forum

On 27 November 2015, the MnM Centre partnered with Welcome to Australia to hold an Older Migrants Forum.  The forum was chaired by Mohammad Al-Khafaji, Chief Executive Officer: Welcome to Australia, with group discussions facilitated byDr Amrita Malhi, MnM Centre Research Fellow, and Leah Marrone from Welcome to Australia. The forum was devised as a pilot project aimed at testing the value of intercultural discussions between established migrant communities. A report of the forum is available here.

Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies

Professor Riaz Hassan was interviewed at the 15th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS). Manado, Indonesia, 3-6 September 2015. Watch the interview here.

'The experiences and perceptions of refugees of local government services and support, focusing on African refugees'

This report funded by the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, investigates the challenges newly arrived African refugees in Australia face and how they perceive local government initiatives and support. Read the report here.

'The Clothes Have No Emperor! Reflections on the crisis of violence in Lyari Town, Pakistan' by Adeem Suhail

This report seeks to decenter the dominant discourse of criminality and gang-violence which has become wedded to Lyari Town, Karachi, Pakistan.  Read the report here.

'Stop making me apologise for the acts of extremists'

The National has published an article by Dr Yassir Morsi on the need for people to stop associating extremist Islam with mainstream Islam. Read the article here.

'Donald Trump and Attitude towards Muslims' interview with Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir

Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir was interviewed on RTHK (Hong Kong), during an interview titled “Donald Trump and Attitude towards Muslims”. Read the article here or download the podcast.

‘Productive Myopia: Seeing Past History's Spectacle of Accuracy’ by Jeanne-Marie Viljoen

Jeanne-Marie Viljoen, a PhD candidate of the MnM Centre has had this article published: ‘Productive Myopia: Seeing Past History's Spectacle of Accuracy’ in the Journal of War and Culture Studies, University of Westminster (UK). Read the article here.

Working Papers

Two new working papers are now avaliable to read:

Dhattiwala, Raheel 
Next-door strangers: Explaining ‘neighbourliness’ between Hindus and Muslims in a riot-affected city
PDF 760 KB download

LeVine, Mark and Reynolds, Bryan 
Performance Activism in Nabi Saleh:The Collaborative Theater of Politics and Resistance
PDF 417 KB download

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