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Discover how our researchers at the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) are solving some of the most exciting and challenging issues facing modern communications.

We are the largest university-based telecommunications research centre in Australia and specialise in providing high quality, industry-relevant post-graduate education and technology development for wireless communications.

Often working in partnership with industry, and taking a multidisciplinary approach, our researchers are making an impact and delivering benefits to society in the key areas of:

Project highlights include new space-based techniques for next-generation satellite communications and new coding methods for mobile wireless systems to improve bandwidth and power efficiency.

Our research is enabled by cutting-edge laboratory facilities incorporating significant computing power for simulation work, as well as development tools and test equipment.

Graduates of ITR have launched successful careers across the globe in industry and academia, and have won several prestigious awards including Young Tall Poppy, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and Engineer of the Year.

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    Latest news

    ITR 3 Minute Thesis Finalis Announced

    Asanka Nuwanpriya has won the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) Three Minute Thesis final. Asanka will now go on to compete in the University wide competition to present his topic “Visible light communications”.

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    ITR projects

    Projects include Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for High Rate Satellite Demodulators, High Performance Algorithms For Next Generation Quantum Key Distribution, and more.

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Our four research streams

  • Satellite Communications

    Satellite Communications

    Providing key communication infrastructure for applications across diverse industries. Finding solutions for economical, environmental and national security issues.

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  • High Speed Data Communications

    High Speed Data Communications

    Focusing on new techniques suitable for Free Space Optical communications or hybrid FSO/RF communications.

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  • Flexible Radios and Networks

    Flexible Radios and Networks

    Delivering seamless interconnectivity for the user and simple, scalable and sustainable networks.

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  • Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory

    Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory

    Discovering how electrical and chemical signals are used in the brain to both represent and process information.

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Areas of study and research

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