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Joffre SwaitJoffre Swait

Director: Academic

Research Professor
Tel: +61 8 8302 1611

Professor Swait is acknowledged as a global expert in choice set formation and a leading scholar in choice modelling research. His particular areas of expertise include choice modelling methods, stated preference methods (SP), choice data combination methods and brand equity measurement and management.

Professor Swait received his Ph.D in 1984 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specialising in modelling discrete choice behaviour, particularly with respect to choice set formation.

Complementing his academic achievements, Professor Swait has extensive consulting experience in North and South America, where he conducted consumer behaviour modelling in such diverse areas as transportation, telecommunications, packaged goods, financial services, computer hardware, and tourism.

Professor Swait has written for leading academic journals such as Transportation Research Record, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Organisational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, among others.

He currently serves on editorial boards for the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Marketing Science and Transportation Research Part B.

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Akshay Vij  

Senior Research Fellow

Tel: +61 8 8302 0817

Dr. Akshay Vij joined the Institute for Choice as research fellow in February 2015. Prior to that, he worked as lecturer and post-doctoral scholar at the University of California (UC), Berkeley, with joint research appointments at the Institute of Transportation Studies and the Institute of Urban and Regional Development. He received his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, also from UC, Berkeley, in 2013. He has published multiple papers in the field of discrete choice analysis and their application to the study of travel demand and land use behavior. He is currently pursuing applications in other behavioral domains as well, such as water consumption, energy use, technology adoption, etc.

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Elisabeth HuynhElisabeth Huynh

Research Fellow
Tel:  +61 8 8302 1526

Dr. Huynh’s research focuses on human choice modelling and heterogeneity in discrete choice modelling, with applications to health and other areas of public policy. Her expertise includes valuing housing preferences and demand; economic valuation of quality of life; and valuing patient preferences and citizen preferences for health care reform.

Prior to joining the Institute for Choice, Dr Huynh contributed to multiple contract research and UTS partnership grant projects, and was a Chief Investigator on two awarded grants including the UTS Business School Faculty Research Grant.

Dr Huynh and collaborators also secured funding for a CSIRO Flagship collaboration fund to better understand and find solutions to end-of-life care.

As well as serving as a peer reviewer for journals including Social Science and Medicine, Dr Huynh has been published in Health Economics and has presented papers at national and international economics conferences.

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Ali ArdeshiriAli Ardeshiri

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Tel: +61 8 8302 1650

Dr. Ardeshiri received his Ph. D in 2014 from Newcastle University-UK, specialising in discrete choice behaviour and hedonic pricing model; particularly with respect to accessibility to urban amenities.

Prior to joining UniSA, he contributed as the chief investigator of multiple research contracts in urban planning topics such as cities' sustainable development, urban quality of life, urban environmental quality, housing and informal settlement and planned behaviour in relation to urban transportation.

Dr. Ardeshiri's key area of expertise is in exploring the spatial distribution of consumer preference and choice using ArcGIS. Currently, Ali is active in working in the areas of urban & environmental planning, tourism planning and destination choice.  

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Habtamu Kassahun

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Tel: +61 8 8302 1610

Dr. Habtamu Tilahun Kassahun joined the Institute for Choice in June 2015 as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Choice Modeling. Dr. Kassahun current research focuses on developing new econometric models of choice behavior that recognize individuals adopt different strategies (Antecedent Volition). His research also focuses on applied microeconomics including environmental valuation and management, individual travel behavior and spatial-and-social interaction.

Kassahun has been leading a research project focused on the reliability of stated preference study addressing the valuation of land and environmental resources in urban and rural areas. He used and developed state-of-the-art methodology within choice modelling applications. His research has been published in Land Use Policy and presented to international conferences in the field.

Kassahun received a double PhD degree under the European Erasmus Mundus program from University of Copenhagen and University of Padova in January 2015. He has a solid educational background with an outstanding academic performance in economics, econometrics, environmental valuation, natural resource management and policy.

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Flavio Freire SouzaFlavio Freire Souza

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Tel:  +61 8 8302 1679

Dr. Flavio Souza is currently a Postdoctorate Reserach Fellow in the Institute for Choice at the University of South Australia. His research interests are in understanding differences in preferences and choices in various applied contexts, investigating the interface between consumer behaviour and choice modelling. He has focused on consumer goals as the main research topic in his doctoral and masters dissertations. His doctoral thesis entitled "Goal-Based Choice Set Formation", supervised under Professor Joffre Swait, studied the influential role of goals in selecting alternatives to be considered in the decision-making process.

Dr. Souza has also contributed to research in topics such as decision processes, affective responses, brand image, contingent valuation, self-concept and consumer satisfaction. He is currently interested in various applied economic disciplines that incorporate psychological insights, such as environmental, food, health, transportation and labour economics, among others.

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Academic Staff - International

Anthony MarleyAnthony Marley

Research Professor
Tel: +61 8 8302 1351

Professor Marley is an internationally recognised scholar in mathematical psychology who has made a significant contribution to the mathematical behavioural and social sciences.

He has been involved in much international collaboration with academics in psychology, mathematics, 
statistics, marketing and political science, resulting in publications in psychophysics, utility theory, probabilistic choice and measurement theory and methods.

Professor Marley was the Head of the Psychology Department at McGill University in Canada, long regarded as a leader in psychology. He wrote the well‐received Choice, Decision and Measurement: Essays in Honour of R. Duncan Luce (Erlbaum 1997) and co-authored Behavioural Social Science (Cambridge University Press 2006), which has impacted on theoretical and empirical studies of the aggregation of individual preferences.

Professor Marley previous served as the Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Psychology. 

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