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'Capturing Context-Sensistive Information Usage in Choice Models via Mixtures of Information Archetypes'

Prof Joffre Swait and co-authors Dr Monica Popa and Dr Luming Wang discuss in their recent JMR article the quesion of how much information consumers are actually using when making a product choice. This article has been featured in the American Marketing Association 'Article Snapshots' which is avaible online here.



Ageing in South Australia 2015: Insights from the Aged Care Sector

Dr Elisabeth Huynh (pictured far right) presented at the Ageing in South Australia 2016 Forum: Insights from the Aged Care Sector on Monday, 5 September 2016, hosted by the University of South Australia.

Dr Huynh presented insights into lifestyle attitudes as part of a productive schedule dedicated to examining attitudes, perceptions and strategies of agencies working in aged care in South Australia. The Ageing in South Australia 2016 report is available online here:

I4C Research Lab Invitation

The Institute for Choice hosts a Research Lab every two weeks, where researchers are invited to talk about a research project that they are currently working on, and receive feedback from staff at the institute. The purpose of these seminars is to provide researchers a ‘safe’ forum in which to discuss work that might not be ready yet to be critiqued by a broader audience.

Researchers who have presented at these sessions in the past have ranged from first year Ph.D. students to senior academics. Researchers from other research centers and universities are more than welcome to present at the Lab.

If you would like to present, or for more information, contact

'Are Lies The New Recipe For Ad Success?'

Dr Nico Neumann discusses the dangers of unethical practice in the marketing and media sphere in his opinion piece for Media Daily News.

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Capturing Context-Sensitive Information Usage in Choice Models via Mixtures of Information Archetypes

Joffres Presentation

Congratulations to Professor Joffre Swait who was invited to present a seminar on his forthcoming journal at the School of Marketing/Australia Business School, University of New South Wales.

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'Is it Time to Disrupt the Murky Media-Agency Business Model?'

Dr Nico Neumann argues in this guest post that it is time for marketers to have a long hard look under the bonnet of their media agency's trading desk.

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Room with a Patient View 2016 


A conference aimed at increasing patient engagement in health technology assessment in Australia.

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'The Impact of 100% Viewability on Advertising Economics'

Dr Nico Neumann addresses this topic in his most recent opinion piece for AdNews.

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2016 Market Predictions Panel

Dr Nico Neumann participated in an Orange Line panel sharing their predictions on the digital marketing landscape for 2016.

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'Ad-Tech Consolidation and the Rule of Three'

Dr Nico Neumann puts forth fresh new ideas in his column for AdExchanger.

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'A Solution to Reduce Viewability Concerns- Algorithmic Attribution Modelling'

Dr Nico Neumann addresses this topic in his opinion piece published in AdNews.

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'"One Score to Rule Them All" Demystifying the Net Promoter Score' - By Jorge Arana and Simon Fifer

Watch our affiliate, Professor Jorge Arana, present on this topic at the University of New South Wales.

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'Why are last-touch models still in place?'

Dr Nico Neumann tackles this issue in his opinion piece published in AdNews.

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14th IATBR Conference: 'A Goal-Driven Perspective on Choice Behaviour and Choice Models'

Congratulations to Professor Joffre Swait, who presented the keynote at the 2015 International Association for Travel Behaviour Research conference held in Windsor, England. The objective of the keynote was to stimulate thought and research concerning the explicit representation of goals in models of choice behaviour. As one of the preeminent research venues in the transport sector, IATBR is an important event at which to bring in new ideas for the formulation and development of behaviourally motivated choice models. There was lots of interest in the goals topic, which may presage interesting future research by transport modellers.

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'Budget Research Shows People Want Consistency'

Congratulations to Dr Ali Ardeshiri for his live interview with Ian Henschke from ABC radio about his budget research on the 24th of June. Exerts from this interview were published in the July 2015 edition of the UniSA news.

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'Good, good, good... good citations'

Congratulations to Professor Jordan Louviere for climbing to 25,198 citations this year. Read about his success in the achievements and announcements in the December 2014 edition of the UniSA News.

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'You choose: I4C helps you understand why'

Institute for Choice feature article published in the UniSA Business magazine.

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Review of Marketing Research Long Term Contribution Award

Congratulations to Professor Jordan Louviere who is co-recipient of the Naresh K. Malhotra award for the article that has made the greatest long-term contribution among those published in the Review of Marketing Research. All articles published in volumes 1-7 were eligible for consideration. 

Louviere, J. J. & Meyer, R. J. (2008). 'Formal choice models of informal choices: What choice modelling research can (and can't) learn from behavioural theory. Review of Marketing Research, 4, pp. 3-32.




2014 Charles Coolidge Parlin Board of Governors

Congratulations to Professor Jordan Louviere who has accepted the invitation from the American Marketing Association to serve on the Parlin Award Board of Governors. To be awarded the annual Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research award, distinguished academics and practitioners must have demonstrated outstanding leadership and sustained impact on advancing the evolving profession of marketing research over an extended period of time. Professor Louviere was a recipient of the Parlin Award in 2010.

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Outstanding AJAE Article Award

Professor Joffre Swait, Director: Academic, of the Institute for Choice, in collaboration with Vic Adamowicz, has been awarded the 2014 Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Outstanding AJAE Article Award. The publication is listed below.

Adamowicz, Wiktor and Joffre Swait (2012) 'Are food choices really habitual? Integrating habits, variety seeking and compensatory choice in a utility maximizing framework,' American Journal of Agricultutal Economics, doi: 10.1093/ajae/aas/078, 1-25.

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UniSA launches new expert Institute in choice behaviour and modelling

The University of South Australia is set to launch a new research institute focusing on decision-making and choice behaviour that will bring together the highest concentration of academic expertise in choice behaviour research globally.

The new Institute for Choice will be Sydney-based and have an academic staff and affiliates comprising experts from Australia and overseas. 

UniSA Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd says the new venture, which will have its own Sydney shop front, represents the modern collaborative research face of UniSA.

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Institute for Choice Launches 2014 Seminar Series

The Institute has launched its program for the exciting 2014 Seminar Series. Check the list regularly for updates and additions.

Seminar Series 2014

Executive Education Coming Soon

The Institute will be offering Executive Education, designed to keep industry abreast of the latest research techniques, so organisations can better understand how choice and decision making impacts their stakeholders.

New Office for Institute for Choice

The Institute for Choice will launch its purpose built Sydney office on 17 February 2014. With a central location at Level 13, 140 Arthur Street, the newly appointed North Sydney facility features a state-of-the-art boardroom and seminar/meeting room, and offers an open space that encourages dialogue and communication.

The University of South Australia has chosen to locate the Institute for Choice in the vibrant business and academic environment of Sydney, to provide easy access to our internationally recognised research centre.

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