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  • A Goal-Driven Perspective on Choice Behaviour and Choice Models

    Professor Joffre Swait recently attended the 14th IATBR conference to give one of the keynotes.

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  • Landmark Publication in Environmental Economics

    The 'Benefit Transfer of Environmental and Resource Values' features work by Institute staff.

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  • Handbook of Choice Modelling

    Contributors include: Institute for Choice Professors Richard Carson, Anthony Marley, John Rose and Joffre Swait

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  • Applied Choice Analysis

    The latest edition was authored by Professor John Rose from the Institute for Choice.

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You choose. The Institute for Choice helps business, government and organisations understand why. The Institute is a world-leading research facility that focuses on understanding and modelling human decision-making and choice behaviour.

Every day we all make thousands of choices, consciously and unconsciously. The ability to choose is regarded by many as a fundamental part of being an individual and an essential part of the notion of freedom. At an individual level choices can be ‘seen’ and understood relatively easily. At the commercial, community or societal level, understanding choice, the decision-making process and problems that relate to these, is complex; it involves multiple factors that can be impacted on by a diverse range of inter-relationships.

Our team, of global experts in human decision making and choice behaviour not only do innovative, world-leading academic research and are on top of cutting edge academic and commercial research globally, but we help companies, governments and organisations make better decisions, achieve better and more-effective policies and deliver more targeted programs and support to the greatest number in the most cost effective way.

Through the development of new and innovative tools in choice modelling we tackle the problems that others in the field don’t want to (because they are too hard) or have not solved. We do this by having some of the world’s leading academics and researchers on our team who are drawn from a wide range of disciplines.

Innovative, commercial and outcome focused, we are committed to working collaboratively and to the highest professional standards with our public and private partners. Our clients benefit from our evidenced-based approach, focus on applied research in the ‘real world’ of industry, business and government.

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  • Research methods

    Research methods

    The Institute for Choice utilises a range of methodologies and research techniques to deliver key insights for its partners.

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  • Frontier research

    Frontier research

    We are world leaders in developing cutting-edge research to gain better insights for industry and government.

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  • Industry collaboration

    Industry collaboration

    We work collaboratively with our clients in a real-world lab environment, to delivery practical solutions and meaningful outcomes.

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