How we work

Cutting-edge research is just the beginning of the Institute’s mission; we then apply our research to a range of commercial, governmental and societal problems, working collaboratively with our clients in a real-world lab environment, to deliver practical solutions and meaningful outcomes.

We are proud of the Institute’s global network of leading academics, and equally proud of our project management capabilities and quality assurance for research project delivery.

We help industry and government by providing:

  • Industry-specific, evidence-based research, that allows partners to better understand and predict choices
  • Competitive advantages via improved understanding of choices and how they impact businesses/policies
  • Frontier research to keep our partners and us ahead of the curve

The Institute’s commitment to our industry and academic network extends to a series of seminars as well as executive education workshops, designed to present the latest research frontiers and their applications.

Industry collaboration

The Institute has a variety of resources and expertise to offer funding partners, and has specific mechanisms to help organisations partner with the Institute’s researchers.

We strive to facilitate high value partnerships between external organisations and our researchers by setting up research agreements that provide innovative, flexible and effective solutions to commercially or socially significant challenges. These partnerships can last anywhere from six months to five years or more, and deliver specific value to the funding partner.

We use research to help our partners gain better insights into:

  • Strategic growth (.pdf 478kb)
  • Customer satisfaction index (.pdf 599kb)
  • Consumer and public opinion
  • Measuring and predicting demand and trade-offs
  • Willingness-to-pay
  • Brand worth
  • Brand equity
  • Quality of life/end of life

Industries we work with include:

  • Health
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Food and Beverage
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence
  • Environment
  • Entertainment and Leisure

If you are interested in partnering with the Institute for Choice, please contact us and we will respond promptly.

Areas of study and research

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