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Boardroom meetingThe University of South Australia’s Institute for Choice conducts academic and applied research in choice modelling, structural modelling and econometrics, in order to address significant public and private sector problems.

Academics at the Institute come from a variety of disciplines, including marketing, economics, econometrics, mathematics, sociology and psychology. The research covers a diverse range of subjects, and researchers combine their interdisciplinary strengths to provide insights into human choice behaviour issues ranging from environmental and healthcare policies, automotive, telecommunications and entertainment industries.

Our research involves collaboration between post-doctoral fellows, senior research fellows and internationally renowned senior scientists, who are assisted by a full complement of professional staff.

Throughout the research process, Research Assistants, Project Managers, Project Engineers and Software Developers support our academics.

The Institute also works with researchers from around the world to collaborate on many international projects.


The Institute for Choice regularly welcomes Australian and international visitors, allowing them to become a part of our vibrant community.

During their stay, visitors can contribute to the Institute through:

  • Presenting their research as part of our regular seminar series
  • Discussing their research with Institute staff
  • Collaborating in research projects

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Research Lab

The Institute for Choice hosts a Research Lab every two weeks, where researchers are invited to talk about a research project that they are currently working on, and receive feedback from staff at the institute. The purpose of these seminars is to provide researchers a ‘safe’ forum in which to discuss work that might not be ready yet to be critiqued by a broader audience.

Researchers who have presented at these sessions in the past have ranged from first year Ph.D. students to senior academics. Researchers from other research centers and universities are more than welcome to present at the Lab.

If you would like to present, or for more information, contact


Areas of study and research

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