About us

Why we are unique

We are a team of global experts in human decision-making and choice behaviour. The Institute for Choice is a unique mix of world-leading academics and researchers drawn from a range of disciplines – economics, econometrics, mathematics/statistics, psychology, engineering, health and marketing. What brings us together is our passion for expanding the frontiers of choice modelling to solve real-world problems through evidenced-based research, innovative thinking and genuine collaboration.

We are led by world-renowned research experts in decision-making and choice behaviour. Professor Joffre Swait, Co-Director: Academic and Research Professor, is acknowledged as a global expert in choice set formation and a leading scholar in choice modelling research. His particular areas of expertise include choice modelling methods, stated preference methods (SP), choice data combination methods and brand equity measurement and management.

At the heart of the Institute for Choice is the core belief that by collaboration across disciplines and with business, government and community organisations, sharing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of evidenced-based research, better policies will be developed for government and businesses will achieve superior competitive advantages. Leading the Institute's external engagement, business development and strategic direction is Maria Lambidies, Co-Director: Commercial. With over 25 years experience in industry, Maria is a serial entrepreneur who has provided strategic business and commercialisation advice to a diverse range of industries.

Our collaborations extend across Australia and internationally. They involve numerous faculties at the University of South Australia, professors and researchers at other universities across Australia, international researchers (through the academic visitors program) and other choice modeling centres and organisations worldwide. We have worked and collaborated across the UK, USA India, Africa and South America as well as Australia-wide.

Who we are

The Institute for Choice is:

  • A world-leader in choice modelling and research;
  • Expanding the frontier of academic and applied research of choice in decision-making;
  • Home to the highest concentration of academic expertise in choice behaviour research globally;
  • A collaborative team of leading academics in choice modelling from a diverse range of disciplines - economics, econometrics, mathematics/statistics, psychology, engineering, health and marketing.
  • The link between business and academia, applying evidence-based research and tools to solve real-world, complex problems;
  • An integral part of one of Australia's leading universities, the University of South Australia, whose vision is to deliver 'innovative solutions to social, economic, political and technological challenges';
  • Home to PhD candidates across multiple disciplines with a focus on health, transport and engineering.


Arthur St BuildingThe University of South Australia has chosen to locate the Institute for Choice in the vibrant business and academic environment of Sydney, to provide easy access to our internationally recognised research centre.

At the Institute, office design is more than just an area housing a collection of desks, phones and computers. Our newly appointed North Sydney facility features a state-of-the-art boardroom and seminar/meeting room, and it offers an open space that encourages dialogue and communication. This interaction between space and activity promotes a corporate approach to engagement with industry partners, and provides a framework upon which operational standards are set.

Areas of study and research

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