Major projects

The Wark is engaged in a wide array of research projects

AMIRA International projects

Influence of process mineralogy and pulp chemistry on the flotation of fine and coarse minerals
Project: P260F
Chief investigator: Bill Skinner

Enhanced depression and dispersion of minerals in flotation
Project: P498C
Chief investigators: David Beattie and Jonas Addai-Mensah

ARC Discovery grants

Shape controlled nanostructured electrocatalyst for clean energy generation
Chief investigators: Naba Dutta and Namita Roy Choudhury

Energy dissipation and nanoscale processes at moving contact lines
Chief investigators: Rossen Sedev and Mihail Popescu

Electrowetting as a tool for measuring the surface energy of solids
Chief investigators: Rossen Sedev and Jason Connor

Nanoparticle adsorption at air-water interfaces for foam stabilization
Chief investigators: Dayang Wang, David Beattie and Catherine Whitby

Synthesis and characteristics  of cadmium-free quantum dots
Chief investigators: Thomas Nann and Bill Skinner

Engineered nanoassemblies for energy conversion
Chief investigator: Naba Dutta

Smart hybrid nano-biomaterials that mimic the pharmaceutical food effect
Chief investigator: Clive Prestidge

Patchy colloidosomes at interfaces: Correlation of particle surface heterogeneity, wettability and chemical activity at nanoscale
Chief investigators: Dayang Wang, David Beattie, Bill Skinner, Catherine Whitby and Craig Priest

ARC Linkage projects (ARC contribution)

Environmentally benign flotation chemicals
Industry partner: AMIRA 498C
Chief investigators: David Beattie and Jonas Addai-Mensah

Collection of coarse, composite particles by bubbles in flotation
Industry partner: AMIRA P260F
Chief investigators: Bill Skinner and Max Zanin

Nanostructured anticorrosive coatings for wave energy conversion module
Industry partner: Wave Rider Energy Pty Ltd
Chief investigators: Namita Roy Choudhury and Naba Dutta

ARC LIEF grants

 Multi-purpose facility for enhanced complex ore beneficiation and waste material recycling 
With University of Adelaide
Chief investigators: Jonas Addai-Mensah, Bill Skinner and Max Zanin

Industry projects

Characterising and controlling the surface properties of fine mineral particles generated during grinding and the effect on flotation properties
Industry sponsor: Magotteaux Australia
Chief investigator: Max Zanin

Testing of various ore samples using a modified technique for simultaneous data aquisition from multiple measurements
Industry sponsor: Orica International Pty Ltd
Chief investigators: Philip Moore and Bill Skinner

Nanostructured anticorrosive coating for wave energy conversion module
Industry sponsor: Rider Energy Pty Ltd
Chief investigators: Namita Roy Choudhury and Naba Dutta

Physicochemical characterisation of filgrastim formulations
Industry sponsor: Hospira Adelaide Pty Ltd
Chief investigator: Clive Prestidge

OD gypsum desaturation project
Industry sponsor: BHP Billiton
Chief investigators: Jonas Addai-Mensah and Jason Connor

Designing interactions across interfaces in ionic liquids
Industry sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation
Chief investigator: Emeritus Laureate Prof John Ralston

Spence Hypogene mini pilot plant studies
Industry partner: BHP Billiton - Chile
Chief investigators: Philip Moore, Ray Newell and Max Zanin

Dispersants for printer inks
Industry partner: Tonejet
Chief investigator: Marta Krasowska

Stormwater filtration systems product performance testing and analysis
Industry partner: Ecosol Pty Ltd
Chief investigator: Scott Abbott

NHMRC projects

Functional nanoparticles: Towards novel advanced cancer diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic strategies
Sponsor: NHMRC Career Development Grant
Recipient: Benjamin Thierry

Microfabricated devices: A significant advance for the detection and molecular analysis of circulating cancer cells
Chief investigator: Benjamin Thierry

A nanostructured drug delivery system that improves colorectal cancer therapy
Chief investigator: Clive Prestidge

Other research

Study of orientated attachment of nanocrystals at oil-water interfaces
Sponsor: ARC DECRA
Recipient: Haolan Xu

Shape sorting of nanoparticles at oil/water interfaces in microchannels
Sponsor: ARC DECRA
Recipient: Jingfang Zhou

Particles at interfaces - controlling detachment
Sponsor: ARC Future Fellowship
Recipient: Catherine Whitby

Slippery when wet: Lubrication with responsive polymers
Sponsor: ARC Future Fellowship
Recipient: David Beattie

Artificial photosynthesis for solar fuel production
Sponsor: ARC Future Fellowship
Recipient: Thomas Nann

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